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‘The Legend’ title truly befits Fadi Andari

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KUWAIT CITY, Nov 28: Fadi Andari has been called the legend in sports the professional champion, he won 10 championships in 2019.
The Best Natural bodybuilding and martial arts champion, Fadi Andari, fulfilled a set of achievements at world championships after winning 4 world professional titles in MUAY THAI, THAI BOXING in Bangkok, Thailand, Asiatique It is a big stadium for legends Muay Thai fighters, in the presence of people from Foreign affairs and business men, VIPs and Tourists. There was cadres of Muay Thai .

The Champ Fadi fought against the Thailand pro champion taking his title in the 2nd round by knockout. They played at 2 world titles, because it was a main event, the winner got the title of Muay Thai Live is called the “Legend” Muay title and the Thailand fighter title, which he put his title as a challenge. It’s the first time in Martial Arts 4 titles world professional on Sunday the 3rd of November, 2019 Bangkok, Thailand.

After the match, the champ Fadi Andari had knees injuries, broken toes and heavy nose bleeding in the first round. In the second round, he handled all the pains and he won the Thailand champion by knockout, but he signed to play the match under his responsibility. After the match, he was taken on a wheelchair to the hospital and then directly to the airport to travel to his 2nd world championship in bodybuilding and physique sports on November 5th which was 24 hours different and was held in Jeju Island, South Korea, in the presence of Ambassadors from different countries, where Champ Fadi Andari won the BEST NATURAL BODYBUILDING, PHYSIQUE, FITNESS, ATHLETIC, SPORTS PHYSIQUE AND PERFORMANCE.

Al-Andari was chosen from among the champions of all countries for his outstanding contributions and excellence in the international world championships for natural bodybuilding and fitness in the 11th World Bodybuilding and Physique Sports Championships and being given a full membership and referee.

The professional champion Fadi Andari was called the legend in sports, when he won the 4 titles in Muay Thai, Thai boxing and after 24 hours playing fitness physique sports and wining the 6 titles. It’s the first time an Athlete plays bodybuilding and plays before it a competition in martial arts. This is his 5th year in a row winning and for the 5th year he is breaking records by playing natural bodybuilding physique, sports fitness championship and kickboxing Muay Thai, Thai boxing in short period of time between those different games which have different targets and preparations and is very hard to do it and win it.

On November 13th 2019, the pro champion Fadi Andari has been honored by the Lebanese ambassador in South Korea / Dr. Antwan Azzam, for his great achievements.

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