The Gym Team mixes cardio Zumba and Latin rhythms – Almost 100 join another invigorating weekend workouts

The Gym Team participants pose for a group photo.
The Gym Team participants pose for a group photo.

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 10: The Gym Team had another invigorating weekend of an hour and half of fused workouts of cardio Zumba and Latin rhythms on Friday at the Chai Al Dhaha of the Radisson Blu hotel. Almost 100 joined the morning  workout at the helm of ZIN Janice Capili of Pilates and More Gym for Women and ZIN Helen Al Rahi who delivered sets of power packed workout. On the other hand, Radisson Blu Hotel Viking Club Public Relations and Communication Associate Ricky Laxa gave some bombastic floor aerobics to the delight of the participants.

“The workouts every week are designed to create variety and bring new experience to attendees. Most of our attendees are not gym goers and hardly find time due to work related issues, so we want them to look forward to every Friday and experience different styles and norms of fitness exercises. The Gym Team is not only into mentoring people but providing education and continuing studies to our members,” commented Laxa.

Al Rahi, a Lebanese Mentor to The Gym Team cited that the participants serve as inspiration to all instructors. “ We are very much inspired to present and deliver every week different approach and styles of not only Zumba but cardio vascular exercises and for them to have better understanding that exercises are not confined to gyms and fitness centers but on how one design workouts based on their time physical capacities,” she pointed out.

The Gym Team has launched color themes on a weekly basis to add more excitement to the group. “This week we chose the color yellow and called out workout “Let the sunshine in,” starting the day right with bright colors influence the mood for the rest of the day so bright colors are a must for everyone to wear,” shared Capili.

The Gym Team works closely with FitPro, which will hold a “HipHop” master class this Friday at the Failaka Hall of the Radisson Blu Hotel. The two-hour class will feature Adrian Tiomico, a dancer and hiphop choreographer. The Gym Team also announces that in November a Zumba masterclass will showcase an international trainer from Sweden featuring “belly dancing” Zumba only for women.

By Michelle Fe Santiago

Arab Times Staff

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