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Wednesday , June 19 2019

TGIF crush Pin Pals as Eagles dominate ‘X’ Strikers

Cozmo Lane Masters maintain Invitational Cup lead

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: In the fourth week elimination round of the Philippine Bowling Association in Kuwait–2018 Invitational Cup held at Cozmo Entertainment and Bowling Center in Kheifan, COZMO Lane Specialists and Pongky Strikers showed their power and might like a hurricane, wrecking everything that obstructed their path. Both teams continued their supremacy eliminating rivals simultaneously, protecting the first and second spot respectively. Other teams who recorded victory were Swooping Eagles and Thanks God Its Friday (T.G.I.F) while NUSANTARA played bye.

The T.G.I.F (formerly Haribon Slazers) regained its winning form, venting its ire on Pin Pals 2966-2583 after the unprecedented outcome of their Game 2 loss to Cozmo due to lackluster performance after the first and second game win. The Resto King unleashed a fiery three game win 967-836, 949-834, 1,025-913 to notch their 2-1-1 record while Pin Pals had 1-3 slate. T.G.I.F top scorer was Rene Marzan (496), supported by the newly recruit Sam Behbehani (493), Mar Evangelista (485), Eddie Pena (455) and jolly Pilar Patula (433) while Pin Pals top scorer was Raj Reddy (459) assisted by Allan Fernandes (439), Agnello (407), Maclex D’ Costa (264), Travis Rodrigues (203) and Neeta Fernandes (195). With the win T.G.I.F kept the No. 3 position in team ranking, winner of the Weekly High Team Series and also the Ladies Class A Individual High Game for Pilar Patula.

The Swooping Eagles clawed out a 2,852-2,643 victory over the “X” Strikers to register a 3-1 win-loss record while the loser recorded a 1-3 record. In the first two games 957-808 and 939-852 the Eagles had a significant lead of 226 but in the third game the “X” Strikers trimmed the deficit when they won the game 983-931. Riz Roque top scored for Swooping Eagles with 490 points while Jessica Balagat and Alonzo Bush registered 452 and 423 points respectively while Clinton Cathers, Mona Corpuz and Danny Solis  contributed 370, 290, 169 points. In undermanned  “X” Strikers team Rocky Castil finished with 496 points supported by Joe Presenta (437), Lucresio Carungay (426) and Abel Nitikusumo (368). With the win the Eagles fly from sixth to fourth place while the “X” Men skid from fourth to fifth place.

Jess Tolentino carried Pongky Strikers to its marching victory, the fourth consecutive week winning spree against the intricate X-Pin DBowls who remain undermanned for the fourth time 2918-2473. Winning the 3-game series 951-867, 941-787, 1,001-819 kept holding the second spot. Jess Tolentino fired a game high 570 points, Gener Calingasan drilled 457 points, Imelda Calingasan, Jhon Narvasa and the lucky charm of the team Jocelyn Barros chipped in 436, 414 and 353 points respectively.  Fadi Masri (490), Rudy de Lima (437) and Moises Amahan (397) were the lone bright spots to the skidding X-Pin DBowls. With the win-lose result, Pongky Strikers remain the second placer while X-Pin continuously skid to sixth position.

Top rank Cosmo Lane Masters remain holding the prime position for fourth successive weeks despite losing the first and third game of the 3-game series 906-939, 897-806, 836-867 with final score of 2,664-2,612. Cozmo team captain Noe Mahayag led his group with his 495 points followed by Ibrahim Dubayan (494), Lito Michael (432), Ruben Cervantes (404), Myrah Manalo (309) and Ely Ebrada (122). The SKARZ top scorer was Lionel Mendes (400), assisted by Stephen Sequeira (399), Fatima Fernandes (388), Eden Danan (361) and Ignatius Fernandes (350). The SKARZ sank to the cellar with a 0-4 record while COZMO 3-1-0. Playing bye was the NUSANTARA whose bowlers were Nuki M. (433), Ahmad Fahmi (409), Gantosori Tanjung (395) and Benyamin Hasan (357).


Class            Name             Team       Score

MA            Noe Mahayag              COZMO         216

MB             Rocky Castil           “X” Strikers          223

MC              Alonzo Bush      Swooping Eagles          211

LA                 Pilar Patula               T.G.I.F/HS         190

LB             Abel Nitikusumo             “X” Strikers           198


Class                Name                  Team                 Score

MA              Noe Mahayag            COZMO           180.9

MB              Rudy de Lima      X-Pin DBowls           175.0

MC          Gantosori Tanjung        NUSANTARA           152.7

LA             Jackie Guitang          COZMO           167.7

LB           Imelda Calingasan      Pongky Strikers           154.7


Week                    Name                   Team      1               Jessica Balagat              Swooping Eagles             2               Sam Behbehani               Haribon Slazers

3             Neeta Fernandes               Pin Pals      4               Jhon Narvass Pongky Strikers


Week                     Name                     Team

1      Imelda Daguio                  “X” Strikers

2      Mohmmad Abdullah            X-Pin DBowls

3      Ah Fahmi                       NUSANTARA

4      Fatima Fernandes              SKARZ


  1. COZMO 2841
  2. COZMO 2818
  3. COZMO 2909
  4. T.G.I.F 2866

TEAM No. 1 POSITION for 7 Weeks

Cozmo Lane Specialists – 4 Weeks

Fourth Round Standings: 1. Cozmo Lane Masters (11,482); 2. Pongky Strikers (11,355); 3. Haribon Slazers/T.G.I.F (11,352); 4. Swooping Eagles (10,980); 5. “X” Strikers (10,861); 6. X-Pin DBowls (10,626); 7. Pin Pals (10,382); 8. NUSANTARA (10,303); and SKARZ (452).

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