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Termination from job during Pregnancy

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I just want to ask for advice regarding my current situation in my company. I joined a company in June 2018 and I got pregnant during the month of November 2018. I already changed my visa to the company in October 2018 and I informed the company about my pregnancy in December 2018 that time they didn’t say anything about the pregnancy.

But they terminated me on 18th April 2019 at the time of 7th month of pregnancy my termination period will finish during my delivery time they didn’t say anything about my maternity leave salary.

Whether I can get the maternity leave salary or not. Is there any rule for this please explain me regarding this. Now I can’t get job anywhere this time. They didn’t mention any reason for the termination.

Name withheld

Answer: The notice period before your termination comes into effect is around the time of your delivery as you have indicated.

In legal speak therefore you will no more be with the company at the time of delivery and hence can’t ask for any maternity leave salary.

You are however entitled to the normal annual leave salary granted that you have already availed of it.

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