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Sunday , January 26 2020

Tenants asked to quit house – Landlord plans demolition

KUWAIT CITY, May 8: The Court of First Instance has ordered two tenants to vacate a house and hand over the building to the new landlord who plans to demolish and reconstruct it. The court declared it is constitutional to evict tenants from a rented building except in two instances; if the landlord plans to demolish conventional Arab houses to build modern commercial centers or investment buildings in its place. In all instances, the new building should be at least 50 percent bigger than the old structure. The case file indicated the new landlord represented by Lawyer Abdullah Al-Fareh presented official authorization documents from Kuwait Municipality and other concerned authorities that permitted him to demolish the building. This prompted him to take the necessary step to evict the tenants.

Disabled wins rights: The Administrative Court nullified the decision of the technical committee at Public Authority for Disabled Affairs, which declared that an underage disabled person had minor disability. The court thereby pronounced the boy as having permanent-medium disability and gaining the right to all entitlements denied retroactively based on the verdict. As per lawsuit filed by Lawyer Nassar Al-Sarhid on behalf of the father of the disabled boy against the authority, the boy has been suffering disability from birth, and he has a medical file with the authority and certificate of permanent-medium disability issued by the same authority. However, the authority made a U-turn issuing another certificate indicating the boy was suffering from a minor disability contrary to the previous one. The plaintiff filed a complaint to the concerned committee but received no response in that regard. He considered the action as abuse of power and violation of the rule of law since the boy was really suffering from medium permanent disability. This meant the father could not guarantee his needs for life and complete integration into the society. He added the medical report indicated his situation was getting worse instead of improving, because he developed diabetes and another rare disease called fanconi anemia and tight lungs.

Court penalizes firm: The Commercial Court of First Instance has ordered T-MAS Real Estate Company to pay the value of bogus real estate contracts estimated at KD 1.4 million. Lawyer Ali Al-Mousawi representing the plaintiff sued the company for signing some investment agreements with his client concerning real estate property outside the country. He said the company was indebted to his client to the tune of KD 9,500 upon which both parties agreed would be paid in installment

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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