Monday , December 18 2017

I am on temporary residence – Is it legal to drive, will I face any issues?

On expiry of my residence (Article 18), the company has stamped a temporary residence of 3 months. I hold a driving licence which is valid up to 2019.

Will I face any issue or will it be illegal to drive with my temporary residence in the present situation where the driving license is linked to residence validity?

Name withheld

Answer: The law on the issue is very, very simple: the validity of the driving license is linked to the validity of the residence … no residence, no licence. So, you can’t drive on a temporary license regardless of whatever people say. So, if you are caught driving “without” a valid license you could be penalized. So, Traffic Department may “ignore” the residence aspect and not book you but that doesn’t mean you are not breaking the law.

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