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Taking leave/vacation periodically

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I am working for a company in Kuwait. I went on vacation after 1 year 3 months on my expenses and now it’s been almost 2 months I came back but now I have a problem at my home and I need to go so is there any law saying I have to wait for certain time in Kuwait after coming back from vacation please help me. As my employer is not ready to give clear answers from their side.

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Answer: Under the Kuwait Labor Law and employee is entitled to a 30-day annual leave with pay but this can only be availed after the employee has rendered at least 9 months of continues service under one employer. Inspite of the foregoing, the worker shall be entitled to a leave for a fraction of the year in proportion to the time the worker has spent at work if he/she chooses that option.

While the worker is by law entitled to go on leave annually, the exact time to avail of this opportunity has to be determined by the worker with the employer’s input taking into consideration the needs of the company.

Answering your question directly, all that we can say is that even though the law talks about 9 months, the same law also says that you are entitled to leave for a fraction of the year in proportion to the time spent at work. In all cases however, your employer must sanction the leave.

Our advice to you therefore is that you have to explain the situation you find yourself to your employer and let him come into terms with you to allow you proceed on leave on compassionate grounds and not on the fact that you deserve it.

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