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Take opinion of Einstein on government formation

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EINSTEIN said, “The world, as we have created, is a process of our thinking. It cannot be changed without changing our thinking.”

From the aforementioned quote, we ask – Will the future government be different from what preceded it in the past two years?

The answer to this question does not require extensive thinking. It can be summed up with the fact that trying to repeat the same experience in a single pattern and with a consistent approach by the government in the hope of getting a different result is impossible.

If the approach to matters is the same, the future government will not differ from its predecessors, its performance will not differ from that of the previous one, and the National Assembly’s attitude towards it will not change.

All indications point to the fact that the confrontation between the two authorities will be more difficult, especially after the MPs achieved all their demands with the least number of losses, while the previous government headed by the designated prime minister himself made concessions with ease.

We cannot help but wonder what the situation will be with MPs who, from the very first moment of their entry into the parliament, began preparing for their reelection for the next legislative term!

There is no doubt that the National Assembly, with its current composition, will not pass any law unless the MPs get a much greater benefit than what the government offers, and while they have sufficient experience with the prime minister’s weaknesses, the most prominent of which is his lack of attachment to any minister. This means that it will be very easy to disrupt the government during the first encounter with the Cabinet of this kind.

Nonetheless, it seems that His Highness the designated Prime Minister will repeat the same thing, which is to treat the problems facing Kuwait with painkillers when what it needs is surgical work, something that he did not do when he was given the opportunity more than once in the past two years. Instead, he unfortunately made matters worse every single time.

Therefore, whoever misses such opportunities cannot address a complex economic problem such as the one that Kuwait is currently facing. In fact, all indications point that there is no exit from the vicious circle, because what the country needs today is not a government of complacency, which is unfortunately what is being worked on.

Instead, it needs a team of ministers who have different approaches and ways of thinking, and who are specialists with the ability to get the country out of its economic predicament that the previous three governments helped to further deteriorate.

This fact must be present before everyone. The prime minister-designate should actually start working on a fundamental change in the approach that will only change with different people, either with the return of those who bore the same responsibility to their positions, or at least the rotation of some of them. With the same approach and the same way they worked during the past two years, nothing will change; but it will lead to the continuation of the crisis and increase its complexity.

There is now an opportunity to get out of the impasse. It will not be available forever because Kuwait can no longer tolerate experiments and adventures.

Frankly, it is better for the formation of the government to be delayed for a few days or weeks for the sake of the birth of a strong and homogeneous government that is able to work, instead of seeing the same faces return to deal with a new series of bickering and mediocre performance, while our economic situation is getting worse, which will force us to request again for another prime minister.

By Ahmed Al-Jarallah

Editor-in-Chief, the Arab Times

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