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Wednesday , September 28 2022

Taif completes filming of ‘Universe in Palm’

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Artist Abdullah Al-Talehi always strives to maintain his position

Taif in a scene from the film ‘The Universe in a Palm’.

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 25: Young artist Abdullah Al-Talehi always strives to maintain his position as an actor in TV dramas, and is keen to choose his roles very carefully, reports Al-Seyassah daily.

Al-Talehi steps into the new year with a number of series, including what will be shown during the next season, and is set to enter the competition race in Ramadan such as “The Universe in a Palm” series, by Jordanian director Saed Bashir Al-Hawari.

Al-Talehi says: “After my different and distinguished appearance in the last Ramadan, whether in the series ‘Virgin’ or ‘Agenda’ and others, I made sure that my next look in Ramadan 2020 will be specific, as I participate in more than one series, including ‘My dear father’ and ‘The universe’.

In the ‘Kafa’ by Ali Dohan I am starring with a group of artistes, including Ilham Al-Fadalah, Taif, Maram, Mahmoud Bushehri, Abdullah Bahman and others. Meanwhile, a few days ago actress Taif completed filming her entire scenes of the drama due to be telecast during the upcoming Ramadan season ‘The Universe in a Palm’ ( Al-Kown fe Kafah), written by Ali Al-Duhan and directed by Saed Bashir Al-Hawari, in which he stars alongside a group of stars, including Elham Al-Fadalah, Abdullah Bushehri, Maram Al-Balushi, Abdullah Al-Talhi, Abdullah Bahman, Nasser Abbas, Fahd Basim, Layali Dahrab, Kifah Al-Rajeeb and many others.

Speaking to the daily, Taif told the reasons that led her to take part in the series saying: “There are several reasons behind this, the first of which is that I love the writings of Ali Al-Duhan, who spoke with me personally.

Secondly, I very much wanted to cooperate again with the artist and producer on behalf of Abdel Amir, and I had the opportunity when he contacted me and asked me to be part of (the universe in the palm) ». “When I finished reading the text and liked the role assigned to me, my desire increased to be in the series, and until the picture is complete, I asked about the entire participating team of artistes and also the director because today it has become an important matter for me. In the meantime, Asala Nasri, the wellknown Syrian singer arrived in Kuwait Tuesday to take part in the concert which will be held at the Mishref Fairgrounds Hall No 5 on Thursday, reports Al-Anba daily.

The concert will be held under the title ‘Night in the Life Part 5’. Also taking part in the concert will be Kuwaiti singer Mutref Al Mutref. Asala told Al-Anba that she is happy to be in Kuwait and that her last concerts for the year 2019 would be amid the love and kindness of the people of Kuwait. She added that she will present a set of her most famous old and modern songs to satisfy the tastes of all her fans here.

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