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‘Trump ready for war with N. Korea’ – US ICBM test ‘success’

WASHINGTON, Aug 2, (Agencies): A Republican senator said Tuesday that US President Donald Trump has told him he would go to war to destroy North …

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The ‘ape’ who forces us to pray for mercy on Gaddafi

YES, we are entitled to pray for mercy on Muammar Gaddafi regardless of his bad political activities, dictatorship and corruption that he perpetrated alongside his …

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Pakistani air force warns India against full-scale war

ISLAMABAD (AP) — Pakistan’s air force chief on Thursday warned archrival India against escalating the dispute over Kashmir into full-scale war, urging New Delhi to …

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Confirmed! Iraq a war of aggression

 “A BROKEN” and “haunted” man was the Telegraph’s description of former British prime minister Tony Blair following the release of the Iraq War report. What …

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WB sees Kuwait GDP growth of 2.5% in ’16, 2.7% in ’17 – Oil, war stunt region

WASHINGTON, Feb 5, (Agencies): The World Bank in a report published Thursday, forecast Kuwait’s GDP growth at 2.5 percent in 2016 and 2.7 percent in …

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