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Tuesday , December 11 2018

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3 year ban on transfer of residence for new comer expats coming soon

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 8: Manpower authority is planning to issue decision of banning visa transfers of expats hired from abroad to work in private sector to another company before 3 years. This step will enable Kuwait authorities considerably to fight visa trading and human trafficking and reduce marginal labor. At …

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Computer Science Degree holder from Philippines wants to change job after 2 yrs

I am almost finished with my two-year visa (Visa 18) with my current employer. I was hired from my home country, Philippines, and a degree holder of Computer Science. A new company is giving me a job offer, will I be able to transfer to the new company after finishing …

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New rule for transfer of expat workers visa

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 30: In a bid to organize the labor market and reduce the rate of marginal workers, the Public Authority of Manpower has released new conditions for movement of expatriate workers within various sectors in collaboration and cooperation with Civil Service Commission and the Ministry of Interior. According …

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Transfer of visa for graduates

I was working in a company for last 3 years. Due to financial issues the company had to close down and they locally transferred me to their sister concern company this July 2018 with new work permit. Now I have completed just 4 months with them. I have got a …

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Visa issued from Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate cannot be transferred?

I came to Kuwait one year before as driver on Visa 18. I am having diploma degree. I would like to know if my visa can be transferred upon completion of two or three years in current company if my current sponsor is ready to release me. I heard from …

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Company suspended me for making mistake – Will I get transfer?

I’m currently working in a company for the last three years. This company hired me from India; some issues occurred in the company with me in the past month for which I got a final warning letter and again I made another mistake for which I got suspended from July …

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Got a visa stamped for Kuwait, now got handsome package from another company

I am in a bit of a confused state. I cleared an interview and got my Kuwait visa stamped. But have not joined the company so far. It is an entry visa and have validity till June 28, 2018. In the meantime, I cleared one more interview and got selected …

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Terminating contract with company after visa transfer

Can I cancel my visa transfer from a new company? They processed my transfer for one day They said that they have submitted my papers already and I told them that I don’t want to continue anymore because I have found better opportunity in another company. Now the company doesn’t …

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What to do if current sponsor refuses to transfer visa

I completed my Bachelor of Electrical & Electronic Engineering in 2007 from Stamford University, Bangladesh and have already 10 years of working experience. However, I came to Kuwait on 27/1/2017 with a supervisor visa (Project/18/ shoon) and working as an electrical engineer at a local company in Kuwait but on …

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Company says “Family visa to company visa not transferable”

My friends wife came to Kuwait from India on family visa nearly ten years ago. Now she has joined a reputed company and wants to transfer her visa to Article 18. The company is saying that it is not possible to transfer her visa and are willing to provide her …

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