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Monday , November 19 2018

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Trump victory may create new tension between U.S. and Islam -MUI

JAKARTA, Nov 9 (Reuters) – Donald Trump’s U.S. election victory may create fresh tension between the United States and the Islamic world, an official at Indonesia’s top Muslim clerical body said on Wednesday. Trump, who once proposed a ban on Muslims entering the United States, stunned the world by defeating …

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Mexico’s Slim says Trump’s plans would ‘destroy’ U.S. economy

MEXICO CITY, Nov 4 (Reuters) – Mexican billionaire Carlos Slim said on Friday that Donald Trump’s plans would “destroy” the United States economy and joked that the Republican presidential candidate’s proposed wall at the border would be undermined by smuggling tunnels. Slim made his first public comments since Trump accused …

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Those polls are ‘phony,’ Trump insists; ‘we are winning’

ST. AUGUSTINE, Fla. (AP) — A defiant Donald Trump blamed his worsening campaign struggles on “phony polls” from the “disgusting” media on Monday, fighting to energize his most loyal supporters as his path to the presidency shrinks. Just 14 days until the election, the Republican nominee campaigned in battleground Florida …

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Clinton slams GOP office ‘attack’ – Trump steps up ‘rigged’ election claims

HILLSBOROUGH, NC, Oct 17, (Agencies): Authorities are investigating after a local Republican Party office in North Carolina was vandalized and set on fire in what a state GOP official called an act of “political terrorism.” A bottle filled with flammable liquid was thrown through the window of the Orange County …

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Trump tumbles on rich list, down $800 mln: Forbes

New York, Oct 4, 2016 (AFP) –It seems running for president is hurting Donald Trump’s finances big time. The Republican nominee’s fortune fell $800 million last year sending him tumbling 35 spots on a list of richest Americans, Forbes said Tuesday. The business magazine said the New York real estate …

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Obama, Clinton IS ‘founders’: Trump

WASHINGTON, Aug 11, (Agencies): Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump called President Barack Obama and Democratic candidate Hillary Clinton “co-founders” of Islamic State on Thursday, in remarks certain to ignite fresh criticism of his campaign style. The New York real estate developer has previously criticized Obama and Clinton, secretary of state …

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Trump fuels Americans’ dream to relocate

NEW YORK, May 22, (Agencies): Donald Trump’s inflammatory presidential campaign and the prospect of the brash-talking tycoon actually becoming commander-in-chief has left progressive Americans obsessing about one thing: moving to Canada. Stars from Cher to Lena Dunham have declared their intention to head north if the former reality star, famous …

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Trump win will make you wish for Obama

  THE level of discontent over the policies adopted by US President Barack Hussein Obama on relations with the region has intensified. Obama and his administration almost announced total abandonment of absolute support for the policies of elite rulers in the region by adopting different policies. However, in his opinion, …

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Trump preps to seek big-donor money – ‘Republican presumptive nominee understands need for unity’

LAS VEGAS, May 14, (AP): The billionaire presidential candidate who prides himself on paying his own way and bashed his competition for relying on political donors now wants their money — and lots of it. Donald Trump, the presumptive Republican presidential nominee, recently hired a national finance chairman, scheduled his …

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Would Trump’s trade threats work? Many skeptical – ‘Foreign competition robbing American jobs, wages shrinking’

WASHINGTON, March 13, (AP): Donald Trump has promised to shred America’s trade deals and impose fines on imports from Mexico and China. He’s gone so far as to swear off Oreos to protest Nabisco’s transfer of cookie production from Chicago to Mexico. By attacking trade agreements, the Republican presidential front-runner …

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