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EU places 17 nations on ‘tax avoidance’ blacklist – UAE, Panama and S. Korea included

BRUSSELS, Dec 5, (Agencies): European Union (EU) ministers adopted on Tuesday a blacklist of 17 non-EU tax havens including Panama, South Korea and the United Arab Emirates after a year of tough negotiations. The Paradise Papers leak last month gave a new impetus to the plan, making public some of …

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Treasure Islands: Britain’s offshore hubs – 7 territories ‘secrecy jurisdictions’

LONDON, May 10, (AFP): Prime Minister David Cameron is under pressure to demand greater transparency from Britain’s overseas tax havens, which critics say help promote and support corruption. The leak of documents from Panama-based law firm Mossack Fonseca shone a spotlight on British offshore financial centres, with more than half …

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EU threatens to sanction tax havens like Panama – French regulator demands extra information from banks

BERLIN, April 7, (Agencies): The European Union has threatened to sanction countries like Panama if they continue to refuse to cooperate fully to fight money laundering and tax evasion, after a leak of data showed the tiny country remains a key destination for people who want to hide money. A …

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Politicians, celebrities deny offshore abuse

BERLIN, April 6, (AP): The president of Ukraine became the latest prominent politician to deny wrongdoing Wednesday after his name was linked to secretive offshore accounts arranged by a Panama law firm. The revelations have raised suspicion that such offshore entities were set up to avoid taxes, but Petro Poroshenko …

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‘Tax dodge big global problem’ – Icelandic PM resigns

WASHINGTON, April 5, (Agencies): US President Barack Obama said Tuesday that the revelations that powerful international politicians and businessmen have hidden money in shell companies shows tax avoidance is a global issue. He said wealthy individuals and corporations are “gaming they system” by making use of tax code loopholes that …

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Panama Papers leak reveals financial secrets

LOS ANGELES, April 4, (RTRS): It sounds like a storyline straight out of “Mr Robot.” The Internet was abuzz Monday with the revelations from a massive document leak that sheds light on the offshore financial activities of world leaders, celebrities, athletes and other public figures. The International Consortium of Investigative …

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