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Thursday , November 15 2018

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Syrian tragedy & media frightening

ALARMISM in both the Arab and Jewish sides is etched in the memories of those who watched the massacre in Deir Yasin, Palestine in 1948. The Arabs then wanted to smear the image of Jewish gangsters in front of the British and the West in general. The Jews also tried …

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Syrian kids in Lebanon carry burden of family

BEIRUT, June 6, (AP): Thirteen- year-old Ali Rajab is on his feet an average of 12 hours a day, cleaning, filling perfume bottles and helping sell mobile phones at the shop in Beirut where he works. Still, he prefers it to his previous, more physically demanding jobs, which included even …

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Airstrikes in Aleppo kill 32

AMMAN, June 5, (RTRS): Nearly 50 air strikes hit rebel- held areas in and around the Syrian city of Aleppo on Sunday in some of the heaviest recent raids by Russian and Syrian government aircraft, residents and a monitoring group said. The group, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, also …

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May be time for Syria ‘Plan B’, says Riyadh

VIENNA, May 17, (Agencies): Saudi Arabia’s foreign minister said on Tuesday that if Syrian President Bashar al-Assad did not abide with efforts to establish a truce across Syria country, alternatives would need to be looked at. “We believe we should have moved to a ‘Plan B’ a long time ago,” Adel …

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Will-power can do wonders – Syria peace achievable

When I picked up a pen, or to be precise, put my fingers on the keyboard to write, various issues that are worth discussing and analyzing started running through my mind. Some of the issues, not all, that are written are suitable for publishing as per the principle – “Not …

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Govt condemns Syria strikes on civilian targets in Aleppo

KUWAIT CITY, May 3, (KUNA): The Cabinet on Monday condemned the Syrian regime’s continued airstrikes on gathering places of civilians, residential areas and hospitals in Aleppo city over the last days. During its weekly meeting, held under the chairmanship of His Highness the Prime Minister Sheikh Jaber Al-Mubarak Al-Hamad Al-Sabah, …

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Defenseless left to be massacred – Dead suffer no pain

IT IS not possible for the regime in Syria to continue doing what it has been doing, and perhaps, what it will do, unless it makes plans with the major countries and obtain their permission. It was said that Russia withdrew from Syria, but in reality, its forces continue their …

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Clinic hit after hospital carnage

ALEPPO, Syria, April 29, (AFP): Regime aircraft pounded rebel areas of Syria’s second city Aleppo on Friday, damaging a clinic just days after a strike on another hospital killed two doctors and sparked international outcry. More than 200 civilians have been killed in Aleppo over the past week, as rebels …

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Sixty dead in Aleppo raids – Hospital hit

BEIRUT, April 28, (AP): A wave of airstrikes and shelling killed more than 60 people in less than 24 hours in the northern Syrian city of Aleppo, monitors and activists said Thursday. The contested city is now one of the main battlegrounds of Syria’s devastating civil war, with a cease-fire …

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Agree not to ‘lose’ Syria

AS the Syrian crisis drags the country into the sixth year of uncertainty the unfortunate citizens of this country have no other option but to opt for a political solution because the country has seen enough of murders, massacres, displacement and destruction of towns, cities and even villages. To add …

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