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PAM ‘rejects’ any contract with salary less than KD 75 – KD 40 salary for worker refuted

KUWAIT CITY, July 16: The post of former minister of Education Dr Ahmed Al-Mulaifion his Twitter account in which he said a laborer of a fuel station receives a monthly salary of KD 40 went viral on social media and attracted wide reactions from Twitter users. Several questions were raised …

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Company closing, one month salary not paid – Want to transfer visa

I’m working in a company for more than three years now. My management says the business is not doing well and plans in closing the company in a year’s time. They gave the employees 3 months notice period and has told the employees they can leave earlier if they find …

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354 officials earn in excess of KD 65 mln in three years

MP expresses concern over direction of Fund for SME Dev KUWAIT CITY, Feb 24: Salaries, allowances, and entitlements for some 354 senior officials in the country within three years exceeded KD 65 million, equivalent to $210 million, reports Al-Rai daily. This was made known in a recent report by State …

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Fortune for expat?

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 19:  Is it a misfortune of the part of a company, or did an expatriate reaped a ‘fortune’ when he signed a contract with a company, or is it a human error as usual for which a high price was paid, reports Al-Anba daily. This is a …

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Salary not paid for almost 3 months

This is regarding our salary which is delayed for almost three months now. We are working with an engineering and construction company with approximately 5,000 mixed manpower. We are afraid now because our company is not paying our salaries from Nov 2017 up to now, we are helpless because none …

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‘70 pct of state budget being spent for paying salaries’

Rate of financial disclosure statements exceeds 98 pct out of 10,600 officials KUWAIT CITY, Jan 17: Assistant Secretary General of Kuwait Anti-Corruption Authority (KANCOR) Salem Ali Al-Ali says the rate of submission of financial disclosure statements exceeded 98 percent out of the total 10,600 officials who were required to submit …

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IMF report recommends amending ‘salary structure’ in public sector

‘Kuwait passport advances to 58th position in HPVR index KUWAIT CITY, Jan 11: The gap between the salaries in the public sector and the private sector in Middle East and Middle Asia is the highest in Kuwait with 245 percent, followed by Bahrain, Qatar and Saudi Arabia, as per a …

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New plan to amend salary structure of state workers

‘Strategic alternative’ losing lustre KUWAIT CITY, Jan 6: Talks about “strategic alternative” have been disappearing lately within the official circles with the emergence of a new plan to amend the salaries of state employees, reports Al-Nahar daily quoting informed sources. They said the amendment salaries is a substitute to the …

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Changing Salary on “Iznamel” Work Permit

My company renewed my residence and rather than putting KD 613 as the current salary they put it as old salary which is KD 596. Can the work permit be changed? Can I apply for the driving license based on the fact and letter from the company stating salary is …

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Not permissible to cut worker’s salary for duration of contract

Many employers and employees find themselves in dispute over terms within the employment contract, as well as the expectations that are left out of the written agreement. In accordance with the Kuwaiti law, the employment contract must be in writing and specify the effective date, term, salary and nature of …

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