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Haris asks for money

It is very difficult to understand the current situation in Kuwait as the house rents are going higher and higher. Here a person earning a salary of KD 500 needs to spend 50 percent of his earnings on rent. And everything else needs to be adjusted within the balance (this …

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Five real estate agents said to be controlling rent: report – 122 others drowned in debts

KUWAIT CITY, March 12: Five real estate agents are said to be controlling rent through 18 affiliated offices, reports Al-Shahed daily. The daily quoting reliable sources explained the agents often issue unrealistic reports that do not reflect the true status of the country’s real estate sector. They noted those five …

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Govt to increase rent of ‘industrial plots’ April 1 – ‘Step in the right direction’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: Budget and Concluding Statement Committee of the National Assembly stated the government’s intention to increase the value of plots rented for industrial, service and handicraft, starting from April 1. The decision is a step in the right direction, as part of measures to increase the state’s …

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MP IN PUSH TO EXPAND EARLY RETIREMENT PACKAGE – Equality nod to Kuwaiti wives of foreigners – Rent allowance hit again

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 17: The parliamentary Women and Family Affairs Committee has approved the proposal to treat Kuwaiti women married to non-Kuwaitis equal to those married to their compatriots. Speaking to reporters after the committee meeting on Wednesday, Rapporteur MP Mohammed Tana revealed they discussed issues concerning these women and …

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Shops rent reduced by 20 percent

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 11: Al-Enma’a Real Estate Company cancelled the auction that was supposed to take place before the end of this month after noticing the low turnout of prospective buyers; thereby, fearing that the auction will fail and lead to a remarkable decline in the prices of real estate …

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Building caretaker tells cannot leave the apartment before one year

I rented a new apartment 3 months ago and signed a rental agreement. I stay in the apartment with my family. When I asked the building caretaker about the notice period, he indicated to me that a person has to give a one month notice… verbally. I signed the one …

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Landlord problems

I am living in Salmiya, Block 12. My building owner has sold the building to a new owner, a property rental company in Kuwait. They have started building two floors above my terrace. This has created a lot of nuisance for the tenants. My contract for the flat is valid …

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Legally fight against Rent Increase

I am planning to contest the rent increase initiated by my landlord as it has not been 5 years since the last increase and secondly I feel that the increase of approximately 35% is too steep for my liking – I need to know the following: Do I have the …

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Landlord can’t increase the rent for five years from the last increase

I am staying in a flat, in Salmiya Block 10, since 1992. My contracts are mentioned as 1 year, but I used to sign contracts once in 6 years with marginal increase as given below. In 1992 – KD 100; In 1998 – KD110; In 2004 – KD 120; In …

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Rent Receipt

We have been living in our new apartment for a year. The rent is paid via bank transfers or through the KNET. Suddenly, our landlord has stopped issuing rent receipts to us for the past 3 months. Should we go to the rent court over the issue? Name withheld Answer: …

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