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US backs Filipino troops – 13 Philippine marines killed

MARAWI, Philippines, June 10, (AFP): United States special forces are providing support to the Philippine military battling to dislodge Islamist militants in a southern city, the US embassy said Saturday, as 13 Filipino marines were killed in fresh fighting. Philippine troops are struggling to defeat hundreds of fighters, who rampaged …

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Crush militants, says Duterte

MARAWI, Philippines, June 7, (AFP): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Tuesday ordered the military to “crush” Islamist militants still occupying parts of a southern city, as photos emerged of bombed buildings and mangled corpses. Duterte described the rampage in Marawi City by the militants, fighting under the Islamic State group …

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Fighters pulling back – Video shows militants in siege plot

MARAWI CITY, Philippines, June 6, (Agencies): Philippines troops found bundles of banknotes and cheques worth about $1.6 million abandoned by Islamist militants holed up in Marawi City, a discovery the military said on Tuesday was evidence that the fighters were pulling back. Fighters linked to Islamic State have been cornered …

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‘Attacker gambling addict, not terrorist’

MANILA: An armed man who killed 37 people when he set fire to a casino in the Philippine capital was a father-of-three from Manila motivated by heavy gambling debts and not terrorism, authorities said Sunday. The identification of the attacker as Jessie Javier Carlos, a Catholic, proves that claims of …

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No Kuwaitis hurt in Manila attack – ‘Smoke’ kills 36 in casino

KUALA LUMPUR, June 3, (Agencies): Kuwait’s Embassy in the Philippines announced that all Kuwaiti nationals were safe after the attack on a casino and hotel complex in the capital Manila, which killed 36 people early on Friday. The embassy said in a statement that it has learned that there were …

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Airstrikes kill 11 troops – Purely ISIS: Duterte

MARAWI CITY, Philippines, June 1, (Agencies): Philippine airstrikes aimed at Islamist militants who are holding hostages as human shields killed 11 soldiers, authorities said Thursday, as they conceded hundreds of gunmen may have escaped a blockade. The friendly fire deaths bring to 171 the number of people reported killed since …

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89 militants killed in urban battle

MARAWI, Philippines, May 31, (Agencies): Philippine troops have killed 89 Islamist militants during more than a week of urban battles but a final showdown is expected to be fierce as the gunmen protect their leaders and hold hostages, authorities said Wednesday. Attack helicopters fired rockets on Wednesday morning into parts …

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Philippine forces pound militants – ‘Surrender or die’

MARAWI, Philippines, May 30, (Agencies): Philippine authorities on Tuesday warned Islamist militants occupying parts of a southern city to surrender or die, as attack helicopters pounded the gunmen’s strongholds where up to 2,000 residents were feared trapped. More than 100 people have been confirmed killed in the conflict, which began …

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Philippine forces make gains against militants – 605 kg of meth seized

MARAWI, Philippines, May 29, (Agencies): Philippine forces control most of a southern city where militants linked to the Islamic State group launched a bloody siege nearly a week ago, authorities said Monday, as the army launched airstrikes and went house-to-house to crush areas of resistance. More than 100 people, including …

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Philippines steps up bombing – Duterte under fire over sickening rape joke

MARAWI, Philippines, May 27, (AFP): Philippine security forces on Saturday intensified a bombing campaign on homes and other buildings in a southern city where they have been battling Islamist militants for five days, and warned there may be collateral damage. President Rodrigo Duterte declared martial law across the southern third …

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