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Passengers complain of exploitation by taxi drivers – 85 pct Kuwait Twitter users do not support decision to hike fuel prices

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: About 85 percent of the Kuwaiti Twitter users are not in support of the government’s decision to increase fuel prices, reports Al-Qabas daily. Based on a study carried out by the newspaper, 57.4 percent of the Kuwaiti Twitter users discussed the issue within a social framework …

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Taxi commuters decry govt’s decision to hike prices of fuel – New fuel prices will not affect other commodities: Al-Rasheedi

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: Some expatriates, who use taxis as a mode of transportation, have expressed disappointment over the decision of the government to increase the prices of fuel stressing that it will result in higher taxi fares. Meanwhile, many citizens said the new fuel prices will affect them as …

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MP vehemently denies claim that panel okayed gasoline price hike – ‘Implement anti-corruption laws’

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 1: Parliamentary Priorities Committee Chairman MP Yusuf Al-Zalzalah has vehemently denied the allegation that the committee approved the gasoline price hike, stressing the committee has nothing to do with discussions on the issue especially since it was referred to the competent panel. Indicating all the MPs have …

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MPs QUERY PROCEDURE, IMPACT OF PRICE HIKE – New fuel pricing to kick in Thursday; Citizen files lawsuit

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: The new fuel prices will be applied on Thursday, as being Octane-91: 85 fils per liter, Octane-95: 105 fpl and Ultra-Premium: 165 fpl. The Cabinet has approved the raising decision on August first, by recommendation of the economic committee. The price increase will create a change …

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Taxi, bus fares revised – Charges to various Kuwaiti areas detailed

KUWAIT CITY, August 30: Deputy Prime Minister and Minister of Interior Sheikh Mohammad Al-Khalid Al- Sabah has issued ministerial decisions amending taxi fares and those of other public transports, which include the fares of call and roving taxi cabs, rep orts Al-Seyassah daily. The decisions stipulate amendment to Articles 1 …

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Minister warns off fuel-fed price rise – ‘We’re watching’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30, (Agencies): Minister of Commerce and Industry Dr Yousef Al-Ali affirmed on Tuesday that enforcing new fuel prices as of September 1 would not “affect prices of all basic commodities.” Any unjustified bid to raise the commodities’ prices in the foreseeable future “will be met with firm …

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Fuel price rise to tax middle-incomers

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 28: With only two days left before the implementation of the new fuel prices — an increase ranging from 42 to 60 percent, official sources said the middle income families will suffer the brunt of the price hike considering the estimated monthly expenses for fuel will be …

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Several citizens, expats express sorrow over increase in prices of school supplies – Deafening silence of price control dept slammed

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 25: Several citizens and expatriates expressed deep sorrow over the increase in the prices of school supplies this year, disclosing that school bags now cost more than KD 18 and some types of bags are being sold for KD 30. They said the traders increased prices of …

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MP seeks Assembly voice on gasoline price hike

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: MP Khalil Al-Saleh has submitted a proposal to amend Article Two of decree No. 95/79 on the fees for public facilities and services, indicating the government should not increase the prices of oil derivatives such as gasoline unless it is through a law ratified by the …

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‘Most to ask for pay hike in commodities price rise’ – ‘Making ends meet getting difficult’

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 24: In this week’s Arab Times poll, readers shared the course of action they would take when confronted by a rise in commodity prices. The majority of respondents shared that they would ask for a pay increase to cope with mounting expenses, followed by changes in lifestyle …

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