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Panama Papers offshore companies data spurs anti-graft moves

TOKYO, May 10, (AP): The latest release of the names of thousands of offshore companies and other financial data of the rich and powerful is spurring renewed calls to counter corruption and tax evasion. Japan’s government spokesman said Tuesday that Tokyo plans to propose an action plan for combating graft …

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When will the authority devour ‘the big cheese’?

MANY, including me, have been asking why the names of high-profile Arab officials did not appear in the recently leaked ‘Panama Papers’, which were published by independent Western newspapers, about the soaring wealth of several high-profile politicians, sports individuals and artists, and their deposits in what is known as tax …

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‘Inter-governmental accords disclosing financial data vital’

KUWAIT CITY, April 13: In this week’s Arab Times online poll, readers shared their opinions on what steps should be taken to crack down on global tax evasion and money laundering with the majority of respondents stating that countries should push for multilateral agreements on reporting financial data for greater …

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Panama Papers leak reveals financial secrets

LOS ANGELES, April 4, (RTRS): It sounds like a storyline straight out of “Mr Robot.” The Internet was abuzz Monday with the revelations from a massive document leak that sheds light on the offshore financial activities of world leaders, celebrities, athletes and other public figures. The International Consortium of Investigative …

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