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Thursday , November 15 2018

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‘Realistic solutions’ for Palestinian case

PERHAPS, the clearest summary which could capture the Arab condition that started with the Palestinian case is what former German foreign minister Sigmar Hartmut Gabriel said in July last year during his visit to Qatar’s capital, Doha. At the time, Sigmar pointed out, “The Arab world constitutes five percent of …

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The devoted Palestinian teacher

A Palestinian teacher of Arabic language working for a private school complains that most students of both sexes in such schools show lack of interest for Arabic, the mother tongue of the Arabs, the language of our forefathers and the Holy Quran. He says the reasons are many. The most …

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‘Palestinians European wife missing’ – Fake perfumes seized from Farwaniya

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 9: A Palestinian has filed a missing persons report with the Nugra Police Station on his 43-year-old European wife, reports Al-Anba daily. He said the wife left the house and did not come back. He did not say when she left the house. Meanwhile, an Iranian has …

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Singing hero biopic a homage to Gaza – Assaf a symbol of Palestinian resilience

NEW YORK, May 28, (Agencies): Raised in a refugee camp in the ramshackle Gaza Strip, singer Mohammed Assaf emerged as a symbol of Palestinian resilience as he persevered to win the “Arab Idol” television contest. In a biopic about Assaf’s against-all-odds rise to stardom, filmmaker Hany Abu-Assad has strived to create …

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O Syrians … Don’t drink from the Palestinian cup

HERE we are, history is repeating itself. The miserable Arab scene, which Palestine has been witnessing recurrently for 68 years — the scene where the people of Palestine lost their country, surfaced due to their rejection of any solution presented by a commissioner from the United Nations to end their …

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Twelve-year-old girl released from prison

TULKARM, April 24, (AFP): Israel freed 12-year-old Palestinian Dima al-Wawi from prison on Sunday, more than two months after jailing her for an attempted stabbing attack. Wawi was handed over to Palestinian authorities at Tulkarem crossing point into the northern West Bank, an AFP photographer said. She was to travel …

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Time for Palestinians to choose sides

AT LAST the Arab League and the GCC have officially branded Hezbollah a terrorist organisation, a designation long overdue. Hezbollah is recognised as a mere tool in the Iranian expansionism box with no legitimate footing within the Arab world. Setting aside its bombings, killings and assassinations, it has suffocated Lebanon’s …

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Palestinian shot dead after attempting to stab Israelis

JERUSALEM, Feb 1, (Agencies): Israeli soldiers shot dead a Palestinian who tried to stab them in the occupied West Bank on Monday, the military said, the latest in a months-long wave of Palestinian attacks that shows little sign of abating. The Palestinian had infiltrated a security fence near the Israeli …

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Palestinians are on my mind – ‘They are patriotic, courageous’

WHENEVER a Kuwaiti writer says something about Palestine or Palestinians in general, the word must be pregnant with meanings and it should speak volumes, because the speech will circulate rapidly in all private and public channels for review of what has been said, what has not been said, what is …

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