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Wednesday , November 21 2018

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Macron dodges Rafale jet query

French President Emmanuel Macron has sidestepped a question over a controversial multi-million dollar deal to sell 36 fighter jets to India. In a news conference at the United Nations in New York, Macron said Tuesday he was “not in charge” when the deal was signed in 2016 through “a government-togovernment …

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India will not scrap jet deal with France – Opposition seeks inquiry on over-payment and transparency

NEW DELHI, Sept 24, (RTRS): India has vowed to stand firm on a multi-billion dollar deal to buy warplanes from France’s Dassault Aviation, as the opposition Congress party called on Monday for an inquiry into allegations of wrongdoing. Former French president Francois Hollande, who approved the deal when he was …

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Modi under fire over French defence deal

NEW DELHI, Sept 23, (AFP): India’s Narendra Modi was under fire after French ex-president Francois Hollande added fresh fuel to corruption allegations in a bilateral defence deal, with the prime minister branded a traitor by his chief political opponent. French defence firm Dassault picked Reliance Group, run by Indian billionaire …

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India’s PM Modi faces resignation calls over corruption of worth $8.7 billion in military jet deal

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi faced calls for his resignation over allegations of corruption in a military jet deal with France after former French president Francois Hollande was quoted as saying New Delhi had influenced the choice of a local partner. Indian political parties have been gunning for Modi over …

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Indian opposition leads protest over fuel prices – Indian’s money being looted

NEW DELHI, Sept 10, (Agencies): Indians set tyres on fire, vandalised petrol stations and blocked roads and railways Monday as opposition parties led nationwide demonstrations against rising fuel prices. The protests were called by the opposition Congress party led by Rahul Gandhi, who is looking to challenge Prime Minister Narendra …

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Protests to take on India’s PM Modi over record-high fuel

India’s opposition will launch nationwide strikes and protests next week over record-high fuel prices, looking to tap rising public anger to hit back at Prime Minister Narendra Modi ahead of a series of elections. Since Modi came to power in the world’s third biggest oil consumer in May 2014, he …

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Farmers disrupt Indian capital due to anti-people policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi

NEW DELHI, Sept 5 : Thousands of farmers and labourers paralysed the Indian capital on Wednesday in a protest against what they called the anti-people policies of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s government, as opposition parties step up pressure ahead of key elections. A sharp drop in commodity prices and stagnant …

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Indian currency decree did little to root out ‘black money’ – ‘It’s not only an economic failure but a moral failure as well’

  NEW DELHI, Aug 30, (AP): Nearly all of the currency removed from circulation in a surprise 2016 attempt to root out illegal hoards of cash came back into the financial system, India’s reserve bank has announced, indicating the move did little to slow the underground economy. Prime Minister Narendra …

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‘Coached’ interview puts Indian PM Narendra Modi under fire

New Delhi, Aug 3, 2018 (AFP) -India’s government was under fresh fire on Friday over its relationship with the media after it emerged a farmer was coached to lie in a televised chat with Prime Minister Narendra Modi. Journalists in India say they have faced increasing threats and intimidation aimed …

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PM Modi popularity wanes in rural India – Farmers disenchanted

KAIRANA, India, June 3, (RTRS): Indian farmers voted overwhelmingly for Prime Minister Narendra Modi in the 2014 general election that swept him to power. He cannot count on them doing so again, as a crash in commodity prices and surging fuel costs stoke anger in the countryside. Four years ago, …

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