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Friday , November 16 2018

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Well said, Mohammed bin Salman

SAUDI Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman traveled to the United States of America. It is a historic tour which will take 19 days and he will visit 7 US major cities. The tour will start with his meeting with US President Donald Trump. Before traveling, the Saudi Crown Prince had …

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Mohammed Bin Salman … Careful pick of aides a key administrative technique

WHEN the era of oil began, Saudi Arabia’s economic policy was based on the principle of ensuring the present generation enjoys oil resources, while other minerals constituting huge resources were left for the incoming generations so only a very insignificant part was used. However with the drastic transformation being witnessed …

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Mohammed Bin Salman … Tongue, intelligence determine human quality

A YOUNG MAN from Hijazi responded to Omar Bin Abdul-Aziz, when the Caliph asked why somebody who was older than him did not speak: “The quality of a man is determined by his heart and tongue”. Although the adolescent of that era was mature, subsequent experiences affirmed that a human …

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Mohammed bin Salman on a mission to re-explore America

THE title of this article gives a glimpse of the purpose of the visit of the Deputy Crown Prince and Minister of Defense of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia Muhammad bin Salman to the United States of America. This is evident from the members of his accompanying delegation which includes …

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