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2 Syrians reenact slaying of Kuwaitis

KUWAIT CITY, March 17: The two Syrians who are accused of killing the two Kuwaitis in Lebanon returned to the crime scene in a Mount Lebanon town Wednesday to reenact the crimes, reports Al-Qabas daily. The men are identified as Ammar Ahmed Rajab, 41, and his compatriot Samir Wahid Mustafa, …

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‘Targeting Kuwaitis not politically motivated’ – Leave country immediately: envoy

KUWAIT CITY, March 13: While Kuwait buried two of its citizens who were murdered recently by a gang of Syrians in Lebanon, the State Security Command in Lebanon continued investigations with the gang to determine circumstances surrounding the killing and to bring all those involved to justice. This came after …

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Two Kuwaiti men found shot dead in Lebanese restaurant

KUWAIT CITY, March 10: Just a few days after the Embassy of Kuwait in Beirut issued an advisory for its citizens to leave Lebanon, the Lebanese security agencies on Thursday found the bodies of two Kuwaitis, who were apparently murdered as they sustained gunshot wounds in different parts of their …

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‘Remove’ Lebanon from Sheikh Hassan’s burrows

LET us compare in figures what the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia gave to Lebanon in the last quarter of the century — from 1991 until last year — with what Iran has given to this country whose Arab identity is being peeled off by a hired gang. According to Russian …

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‘Leave Lebanon’ – Kuwait warns

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 24, (AFP): Kuwait on Wednesday became the latest Gulf state to urge its citizens to leave Lebanon following tensions over the Lebanese Shiite militia Hezbollah which is fighting to support Syria’s regime. In a statement cited by the official KUNA news agency, the Kuwaiti embassy in Beirut also …

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Statements won’t save Lebanon

THE Prime Minister of Lebanon was furious when he read the statement to ascertain the affiliation of Lebanon to the Arabian circle, as well as his refusal to offend the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and its sister nations. Nonetheless, is fury in expression enough, whereas the contents of the statement …

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Saudis, UAE warn citizens off Lebanon

RIYADH, Feb 23, (AFP): Saudi Arabia on Tuesday urged its citizens in Lebanon to leave, after Riyadh halted a $3 billion programme funding military supplies to Beirut in response to “hostile” positions linked to Hezbollah. Saudi ally and fellow Gulf Cooperation Council member the United Arab Emirates followed suit but …

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Set compass right, bring Lebanon back to Arab shore

THE principles are crystal clear for the government of Lebanon to return to the Arab fold. The Lebanese don’t have to sift through the minutes of the meeting that are held at the behest of the Iranians with the barrel of the gun pointed at the heads of its ministers. The …

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What a scabby camel has done to Lebanon

WHAT do the GCC countries want from Lebanon? To answer this question, we say: “The GCC organization has realized the truth about this small Arab country; thereby, using this truth as basis for dealing with the latter. The organization used to see Lebanon as an open and civilized country whose …

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Saudis halt $3bn in aid to Lebanese army

RIYADH, Feb 19, (AFP): Saudi Arabia said Friday it has halted a $3 billion programme for military supplies to Lebanon in protest against Hezbollah, the Shiite militant group fighting in support of Syria’s regime. In light of positions taken by Hezbollah the kingdom proceeded to “a comprehensive review of its …

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