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Thursday , November 15 2018

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Eloquent is Berri when lecturing on self-righteousness

WHEN the Speaker of the Lebanese Parliament Nabih Berri expresses his fear concerning the situation in Lebanon, uses his meeting with Mahatma Gandhi’s grandson Arun Gandhi as a cover for saying he is still optimistic about “non-violence” in global issues, and then says, “We also need to endorse the principle …

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Lebanon’s glamorous music fests struggle in tough times

Turkey to steer clear of ‘Eurovision’ BEIRUT, Aug 5, (Agencies): Shakira and Elton John played one-off concerts in Lebanon in recent months but the summer music festivals that helped make the country a cultural lodestar for the Arab world are struggling. In the 1960s and 1970s, jazz legends such as …

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Kuwaiti & Lebanese leaderships to further boost ties: Al-Ghanim

President Aoun praises HH Amir’s support to Lebanon BEIRUT, July 14, (KUNA): After meeting with Lebanese President Michel Aoun, Kuwaiti National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim said Friday that the leaderships of Kuwait and Lebanon were seeking to further bolster relations on all possible fields. Speaking to the press at Baabda …

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Lebanon set to calm row on Iran passport stamps

BEIRUT, June 21, (RTRS): Lebanon’s interior minister tried on Wednesday to calm a dispute over a change in rules for entering the country, which some politicians feared reflects deepening influence of Iran and its ally Hezbollah. The move by a state security agency allows entry for Iranians at the airport …

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The deafening silence

Mutasarrifate was one of the ruling systems adopted by the Ottoman Empire from 1860 until 1918 under which Mount Lebanon was administratively separated from the rest of the Levant for reasons related to the multiplicity of doctrines and faiths of Mount Lebanon. The Mutasarrifate system stipulated that the governor should …

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Booby-trapped Arab polls

RECENTLY, three countries in the region conducted elections – two parliamentary elections and one municipal council elections. In all the cases, the turnout was low. This is a clear indication of how voters are disgusted with anomalous political practices which have prevailed in recent years. They affirmed their rejection of …

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Hezbollah gains, Hariri weakened

BEIRUT, May 7, (Agencies): Hezbollah and its political allies won just over half the seats in Lebanon’s parliamentary election, unofficial results showed, boosting an Iranian-backed movement fiercely opposed to Israel and underlining Tehran’s growing regional clout. Hezbollah’s leader, Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah, called it a “political and moral victory” for the …

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Lebanon … polls or civil war?

NEXT month, Lebanon will witness parliamentary elections, which can be described as decisive in various aspects. The elections this time will be different compared to the previous ones. It has been nine years since the last parliamentary elections, which were conducted on the basis of distribution of legacy of power …

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Why Lebanon?

THE Lebanese Parliament passed incentives to foreign ownership, which included granting every Arab or foreigner who owns a housing unit, starting from $500,000 in Beirut and $330,000 outside, permanent residence for him and his wife and children. Our friend the captain commented on the news, saying that he was surprised …

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International donors to plough billions into Lebanon

Paris, April 6, 2018 (AFP) -International donors are set to pledge billions of dollars in aid and development loans for Lebanon at a conference in Paris on Friday, hoping to stave off an economic and humanitarian crisis. Lebanon’s economic growth has plummeted due to repeated political crises, compounded by the …

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