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Difference in leave salary after increment

I am working for a company in Kuwait. I would like to take your advice on the following. On 15-12-2016, I had paid leave balance 45 days. I took leave from 16-12-2016 to 31-1-2017. In Jan 2017 my company increased my salary by KD 75/- pm. My question is — …

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Hajj leave

Is it true? ‘The worker who spent two continuous years working for the same employer shall be entitled to 21 days leave with pay to perform Al-Hajj provided that he had not performed Hajj before’ Name withheld Answer: Yes, it is true, and you have quoted exactly Article 76 of …

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Leave Salary – Every employee is entitled to 30 paid days leave regardless of service

Thanks a lot to the Legal Clinic team for guiding the expatriates working in Kuwait on their rights. I have been working in my company since 2003 and until now the company is calculating my annual leave salary as one month’s salary (total salary divided by 30 days). This applies …

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Annual leave salary should be paid before employee proceeds on leave – Article 71 of the Kuwait Labor Law

I am from India. I got a release and joined my current company on July 17, 2014. 1) I am eligible for 30 days paid leave but unfortunately I cannot take my annual leave this year due to some personal problems. Is it possible to ask my company to pay …

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Company problems

I have been working with a local supermarket as a cashier from Nov 23, 2013. My current residency renewed for 2 years from Dec 2, 2015 to Nov 28, 2017. My salary was KD 112 and KD 124 from April 2016. I would like to resign due to family reasons …

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Calculation of annual Leave Salary

We seek your advice on the calculation of the annual leave salary. An employee gets a basic salary of KD 400 plus monthly allowances like housing and transportation i.e. KD 40 + 30 + 20 respectively. In this case the employee’s monthly remuneration works out to be KD 490. So, …

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Leave Salary – Person terminated during probation

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times and the Legal Clinic is very useful for expatriates like me. I have a query related to leave salary if a person is terminated during probation. I was terminated during the third month of my probation period. I would like to …

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Calculation of Indemnity and leave salary

Kindly calculate my indemnity and leave salary. Joining date 01-05-2006 Resign from 01-06-2015 Salary basic KD 225 per month Allowance KD 15 per month Every year the company gives me commission and incentive This time the company paid KD 500 for the fiscal year ending June 2014. Leave: 1 month …

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