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Saturday , November 17 2018

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Rule of non-retroactivity of penal laws serves humanity

Laws were never made to take revenge on criminals, but to edify and civilize them, to teach them about coexistence and help them get along with society.  That is why the rule of non-retroactivity of penal laws is considered one of the most effective laws that serves and secures humanity.  …

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MP critizes govt inability to solve issues – Assembly keen on following up implementation of laws

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 2: The National Assembly is keen on following up the government’s efforts in implementing laws passed, says Rapporteur of the Parliamentary Priorities Committee MP Ahmed Lari. According to Lari, the legislature had earlier passed numerous laws and the executive regulations have been issued yet there is no …

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‘Respect laws’ – Cams trap violators

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 16: The Interior Ministry said all military and civilian officers in the prison complex area are subjected to self-inspection as well as mechanisms before entering the banned areas, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting security sources. The sources pointed out all devices and equipment which support the inspections process …

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