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Thursday , November 15 2018

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Countries of the Blind (last part)

The sufferings of Nuñez, portrayed as the protagonist by H.G. Wells in his novel ‘Countries of the Blind’ resembles the sufferings of reformers throughout history, especially in the backward nations filled with misery and unhappiness, where people are accustomed to turning a blind eye to reality because they are right …

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Countries of the Blind (Part 2)

THE Islamic jurisprudence says the origin of things is the permissiveness not the prohibition, but we have reversed the rule and made almost everything forbidden. For example, women education is ‘haram’ since previously it was meant to be only for men, possessing books other than religious is haram, reading magazines …

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Countries of the Blind (Part 1)

THE genius English novelist, Herbert Wells, in 1904 wrote the wonderful short story ‘In the Land of the Blind’. The subject is related to mountaineer Nuñez, who with his friends try to conquer the summit of one of the mountains in Ecuador. One night he slips and falls down the …

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