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Kuwaitization policy to cost KD 1bn each year

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 31: The country will spend around KD 1 billion or $3.3 billion every year for the implementation of the Kuwaitization policy. Government document stating that the above mentioned amount will be used for narrowing the gap between salaries of Kuwaitis and expatriates. The document disclosed the average …

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Plan set to replace 85,000 private sector expatriates – Services, finance, management eyed

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 30: Secretary General of Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) Fawzi Al-Majdali revealed a fiveyear plan to replace 85,000 expatriate employees of the private sector with Kuwaiti citizens. He explained that the plan will target jobs related to administrative affairs, human resources, public relations, reception and customer …

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MP bids to ‘Gazette’ expat hires – Safa Al-Hashem vows salt on wound of joblessness

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 23: MP Waleed Tabtabaei has submitted a bill on publishing the names of expatriates appointed to public sector jobs in the official gazette. He proposed adding a paragraph in Article 15 of Civil Service Law No. 15/1979 to read as follows: “Names of non-Kuwaitis employed in public …

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‘Demand for jobs in govt sector hits all-time peak’

‘Wafra, Al-Zour citizens deserve comp’ KUWAIT CITY, Aug 22: The Central Employment Agency at the Civil Service Commission (CSC) has revealed that the number of unemployed citizens, who are looking for jobs in government agencies and are registered in the agency, has reached 7,316 as of Sunday, reports Aljarida daily …

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Isn’t it time to ‘bring back’ expats to our govt sectors? – Organizations need wider experience

Today all top officials and boards of government-owned organizations and companies are headed by Kuwaitis. Even the board members are Kuwaitis. This has been the situation since 1992 based on the “Kuwaitization” policy for replacing expatriates with citizens. As a result, our organizations do not seem to be running efficiently …

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Number of applicants for private sector jobs increases: statistics

Fate of MGRP and PAM on merger to be decided this week KUWAIT CITY, July 16: Statistics issued by the Manpower and Government Restructuring Program (MGRP) reveal an increase in the number of individuals seeking jobs in the private sector, reports Al-Qabas daily. As of end of 2016, the rate …

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‘Provide job security, benefits for Kuwaitis in private sector’

MoI plans allowances for civilian workers KUWAIT CITY, July 9: Parliamentary sources stressed the importance of bills that support national labor and encourage them to work in non-governmental organizations, reports Al- Shahed daily. They affirmed the importance of strengthening efforts to support the implementation of “Kuwaitization” and increase national cadres …

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‘Privatization program is on track, to provide jobs’ – ‘KD 90m fines due from contractors’

LONDON, July 8, (Agencies): Kuwait is proceeding with the implementation of its privatization program as a strategic goal over the coming years to provide thousands of new jobs for the Kuwaiti people. Head of the Kuwait technical agency for the privatization program Sheikh Fahd Salim Al-Sabah made the statement to …

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‘74.9 pc of Kuwaitis working in govt sector’

98 percent of workers in MEW citizens KUWAIT CITY, July 8: Kuwaitis account for 74.9 percent of employees in the government sector. Kuwaiti women cover 45 percent of all the positions while 25 percent are occupied by expatriate women, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting a recent governmental statistic. The statistic indicates …

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Insurance firm terminates over 80 employees – 16,000 Kuwaitis to enter labor market in 2018

KUWAIT CITY, July 6: An insurance company has terminated more than 80 Kuwaiti and expatriate employees according to the restructuring plan prepared by a global company, reports Al-Qabas daily quoting sources. Sources disclosed the company announced the decision to the concerned employees in an innovative manner as they were invited …

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