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Contributions to Iraq questioned

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 15: The parliamentary Utilities Committee on Thursday rejected the proposed establishment of the Crisis and Disaster Management Public Authority. Committee Chairman MP Abdullah Fahad explained they consider the formation of new authorities a waste of time and public funds. He said the committee recommended activation of the …

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Move to facilitate entry of Iraqi traders in Kuwait

We are one society: envoy KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: Ambassador of Iraq to Kuwait Alaa Al-Hashmi disclosed about a process set in place in coordination with Kuwaiti authorities to facilitate entry of Iraqi traders and businessmen and those visiting families in Kuwait, indicating that the entry of 150 Iraqis during …

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Iraq seeks $90bn for reconstruction

NGO CONFERENCE FOR IRAQ WINS $330.130mn IN PLEDGES KUWAIT CITY, Feb 12, (Agencies): Iraq needs nearly $90 billion to rebuild after three years of war with the Islamic State group, officials said Monday, with large parts of the country in ruins and tens of thousands left homeless. As a three-day …

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Kuwait effort in rebuilding Iraq, a new milestone in aid

‘Assistance provided by State is not strange to Iraqis’ KUWAIT CITY, Feb 8, (KUNA): The forthcoming conference in Kuwait, dubbed International Conference for the Reconstruction of Iraq, is very reliable in mobilizing momentum and to alleviate the suffering of millions of displaced and affected victims from the wars, which sets …

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Iraqi president to discuss vital issues on Kuwait trip

Masum calls for investment BAGHDAD, Nov 19, (KUNA): Iraqi President Fuad Masum will visit Kuwait on Monday to discuss vital topics such as the compensations file, the borders issue, and ways to boost and enhance relations. The visit is also seen as a step to coordinate efforts for the upcoming …

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Kuwait to host donors for Iraq rebuild – Kuwait flexible on compensation claims

NEW YORK, Sept 21, (KUNA): Kuwait has said it would cooperate with Iraq to fulfill commitments towards Kuwait as listed in UN Security Council resolutions, noting it would host an international donor meeting to rebuild Iraqi areas liberated from terrorists. Kuwait is showing flexibility towards payments of billions of US …

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Tough action seen as pilgrims cross border without entry stamps – Heads to roll: Al-Fahad

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: Security operatives on duty at post “C” at Abdali Border last Friday received two buses bearing Bahraini number plates coming from spiritual sanctuaries in Iraq. They completed procedures for passengers in one of the buses but they did not put necessary stamps on the passports of …

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