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Khamenei will swallow cup of poison by Iranian hands

IF Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani threatens to stop oil exports in the region if his country is prevented from exporting its oil, he is just being arrogant and evasive about reality. Capitals of the world sequentially announced halting cooperation with Tehran by not buying its goods or raw materials. Therefore, …

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Time for reckoning of Iran regime has come

APPARENTLY, the fire currently burning under the cloak of the Mullah regime is different from those in the past. The elements of ‘Basij’ are using unusual force in facing the tone of slogans that protesters are chanting in majority of the Iranian cities. This is followed by series of admissions …

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Maryam Rajavi Iran’s ‘new era’

THE Earth is shaking under the feet of the Mullah regime leadership due to the unprecedented popular uprising, which was never witnessed by the Dark Age clique that put Iran in captivity in the caves of dissimulation and starvation. Their intention is to move forward with their expansionism scheme, which …

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Import ban on 1,300 items; traders clash

Iran girds for sanctions DUBAI, June 25, (RTRS): Iran is banning imports of over 1,300 products, preparing its economy to resist threatened US sanctions, amid rare public protests against the plunge of its currency to record lows. Police patrolled Tehran’s Grand Bazaar on Monday as security forces struggled to restore …

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Iran … going to ‘Hajj’ when people are returning

“THE current policies in the country will lead to the fall of the regime, especially its failed policies in Syria and Yemen.” These are the words of prominent Iranian political activist Faezeh Rafsanjani, the daughter of a well-known personality who played pivotal role in the “guardianship of Islamic jurist.” Rafsanjani …

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Iran … carrot or stick?

FOR the first time in many years, the inhabitants of the Middle East felt the seriousness of the United States of America in ending threats to regional and international stability — away from anything pertaining to oil and temporary interests. This seriousness is manifested in the series of measures taken …

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Iran in ‘outreach’ to India, China, Russia

NEW DELHI, May 28, (Agencies): India wants nations that are party to the 2015 Iran nuclear deal to engage constructively with Tehran, a government statement said, after the withdrawal of the United States from the pact. The statement was issued after a meeting of Indian Foreign Minister Sushma Swaraj with …

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Lest Iran as another Iraq

THE roadmap created by United States of America’s Secretary of State Mike Pompeo has ended the stage of Iran’s inconsistencies and global blackmail. Therefore, the only way forward for Iran is to submit to Pompeo’s 12 demands in order to be in harmony with the international community again. It should …

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Muhammad Saeed Al-Sahhaf the Persian

IN THE 1980s, Saddam Hussein threatened to wipe out Israel within hours employing a dualuse chemical. Before that, he bragged about his regime’s ability to defeat the most formidable force in the region. He engaged in war with Iran that lasted for eight years without achieving his objective — to …

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Russia and China extend economic influence in Iran

Tehran signs oil deal with UK group as France’s Total exists ASTANA, Kazakhstan, May 17, (Agencies): Russia and China moved Thursday to extend their economic influence in Iran, while Europeans are finding it harder to ignore efforts by Washington to isolate Tehran economically. In one of the most concrete moves …

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