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Fear as Iran currency dives

LONDON, Aug 1, (Agencies): Iranian lawmakers have given President Hassan Rouhani one month to appear before parliament to answer questions on his government’s handling of Iran’s economic struggles, state media reported on Wednesday. It is the first time parliament has summoned Rouhani, who is under pressure from hardline rivals to …

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Iran forces ‘ready to confront US’

ANKARA, July 26, (Agencies): An Iranian military commander said on Thursday that Donald Trump should address any threats against Tehran directly to him, and mocked the US president as using the language of “night clubs and gambling halls”. The comments by Major-General Qassem Soleimani, who heads the Quds Force of …

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Iran warns US of strong response

TURKEY TELLS U.S. IT OPPOSES SANCTIONS ON TEHRAN TEHRAN, July 24, (Agencies): Iran’s armed forces chief of staff on Tuesday warned the US of a robust reaction if it continued to threaten Iranian interests. “They will receive a firm and strong response to an unbelievable degree in the places and …

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Iranian farmers protest, plead for help – Rivers dry and fields dust

VARZANEH, Iran, July 19, (AP): The small group of Iranian farmers gathered around their tractors — long idle, parked at the town entrance next to a canal that once irrigated their fields but has been dry for years — and they protested, pleading for help from the government. “We are …

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US urges allies to cut off Iran funding – UAE disrupts Iran finance operation

SQUEEZE WILL FORCE TEHRAN TO TABLE, SAYS TRUMP BRUSSELS, July 12, (RTRS): US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo called on American allies on Thursday to help impose economic pressure on Iran, and accused Tehran of continuing to sell weapons in the Middle East despite United Nations resolutions. “We must cut …

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US labels Iran-backed group terrorist

KHAMENEI AIDE GROOMS STRATEGIC TIES WITH MOSCOW WASHINGTON, July 11, (Agencies): The US designated Tuesday Al-Ashtar Brigades (AAB), “an Iran-backed group in Bahrain”, as a Foreign Terrorist Organization and as a Specially Designated Global Terrorist (SDGT). The Department of State said in a statement that it also designated two AAB-affiliated …

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KLM exits Iran

DUBAI, UAE, July 8, (Agencies): Dutch airline KLM says it will halt flights to Tehran “as a result of the negative results and financial outlook” following the US withdrawal from the Iranian nuclear accord. The airline, part of the Air France KLM group, made the announcement in a short statement …

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Tehran calls for more help from EU – MPs warn government on Hormuz threat AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France/LONDON, July 7, (Agencies): One of the world’s biggest cargo shippers announced on Saturday it was pulling out of Iran for fear of becoming entangled in US sanctions, and President Hassan Rouhani demanded that European …

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Hormuz for all or no one: Guards; We’ll open it: US

Russia to do everything possible to keep N-deal LONDON, July 5 (Agencies): The head of Iran’s Revolutionary Guards said on Thursday their forces were ready to implement Iran’s threat to block the Strait of Hormuz and that if Iran cannot sell its oil under the US pressure, no other regional …

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Khamenei will swallow cup of poison by Iranian hands

IF Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani threatens to stop oil exports in the region if his country is prevented from exporting its oil, he is just being arrogant and evasive about reality. Capitals of the world sequentially announced halting cooperation with Tehran by not buying its goods or raw materials. Therefore, …

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