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MP highlights strength of Kuwait religious tolerance – Funds eye on ‘millions’

KUWAIT CITY, Dec 22: The Public Funds Protection Committee during a meeting Thursday agreed to re-examine all files and issues which are under investigation and submit a report to the Parliament. This was disclosed by Committee Chairman, MP Shuaib Al-Muwaizri who said the committee will examine these files carefully and …

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‘Inbred intolerance tough to overcome in Mideast’

The Arabic word for Tolerance is ‘Tasamuh’ which literary means to be indulgent and lenient of or toward someone! One can also trace the root of Tolerance in the Arabic language to the verb ‘Tahawana;’ to be negligent of something or someone! What is however more curious about the contemporary …

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Acts of violence see ‘rise’ in 2015

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 22: Rates of violence and aggressive behavior has dramatically increased in the country in the year 2015. Fights erupted over trivial reasons that spilled blood in malls, roads and places of gathering of young men and others, reports Al-Qabas daily. According to statistics issued by Ministry of …

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Shopkeeper arrested for banning ‘Ahmadi’

LAHORE, Pakistan, Dec 14, (AFP): Pakistani police charged a shopkeeper with blasphemy Monday after he banned members of the Ahmadi minority from entering his shop, a rare bid by authorities to protect an ethnic group that usually suffers state-sanctioned persecution. The shopkeeper in the eastern city of Lahore was charged …

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‘Felony child abuse’ in family hijab anger

 COLUMBIA, Missouri, Nov 30, (AP): A University of Missouri graduate teaching assistant is accused of grabbing a teenage family member by the hair and pulling her out of school because she wasn’t wearing a traditional headscarf worn by some Muslim women. The Columbia Daily Tribune reports 53-year-old Youssif Omar was …

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Major rise seen in violence among intermediate students – Wrong act leads to destruction of future: official

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 13, (KUNA): Violence in schools in Kuwait has significantly increased in recent years, particularly in intermediate schools, an education official said Thursday. Students under 18-year-old constantly commit physical and verbal abuses against their peers to impose their wills or opinions, Khaled Al- Deqbasi, director of Abdullah bin …

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‘Extremist thought cause of rise in religious violence worldwide’

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 11: In this week’s Arab Times online poll respondents reacted to the rise of religious violence and intolerance around the world today. The majority of the voters attributed this to the influence of fundamentalist and extremist views. Religious tolerance is under acute threat in many countries today. …

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Intolerance attacks alarm intellectuals – Secularism enshrined in its constitution

NEW DELHI, Oct 31, (AP): First writers then artists, followed by filmmakers, historians and scientists. The chorus of Indian intellectuals protesting religious bigotry and communal violence grows louder by the week with a single message for Prime Minister Narendra Modi: protect India’s tradition of secularism and diversity. Those protesting are …

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‘Need to change Arab mind to be more tolerant, inclusive’ – ‘Secularism boosts tolerance’

IT is almost a truism that you cannot force some people to accept the dictates of democracy or allow it to flourish in their society. There are certainly individuals who might be verbal about their demands for more democratic freedoms, yet behave undemocratically in their daily life. Certainly, dictatorship and …

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Bid to encourage religious moderation in schools

KUWAIT CITY, Oct 19: Ministry of Education has sent a circular to all schools in which it instructed the school administration to launch awareness programs to encourage religious moderation and promote cooperation among individuals and authorities in charge of combating terrorism, in order to protect students from adopting radical ideologies, …

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