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Sunday , November 18 2018

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Keillor says goodbye to ‘Companion’ – Bittersweet final to show at Hollywood Bowl

LOS ANGELES, July 3, (Agencies): Garrison Keillor ended four decades of hosting “A Prairie Home Companion” with his trademark Midwestern reserve combined with frivolity at the Hollywood Bowl on Friday. “I’m from Minnesota, where we’re stoic,” he explained to castmates Tim Russell, Sue Scott and Fred Newman when pressed to …

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Asian actors ignore ‘white-washing’ – ‘Hollywood’s syndrome not a pleasant experience’

TOKYO, June 30, (AP): The film world of Asia, known for producing Akira Kurosawa, Satyajit Ray, Brillante Mendoza and other greats, is too busy making movies of its own to fret much about the debate slamming Hollywood — the casting of white people in roles written for Asians. While hurt, …

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Hollywood says ‘hola’ to Havanawood – Bid to capture Cuba’s colorful charm

LOS ANGELES, June 18, (Agencies): Hollywood has been clamoring to capture Cuba’s colorful charm since a thaw in frosty Cold War relations, but the islanders say the boom comes with their own underfunded film industry in crisis. Several big American productions have created jobs and put Havana’s art deco elegance …

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Dubai enlists Hollywood, Bollywood – Special theme parks to lure millions more tourists

DUBAI, June 5, (AFP): Domes inspired by the royal palaces of India rise from a new Bollywood theme park under construction in Dubai, part of a drive to lure millions more tourists to the emirate. It already boasts opulent shopping malls and numerous luxury resorts, but the Gulf city-state has …

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Heart-pounding action? Hollywood can now measure that – Obama sees a bit of ‘rebel’ Han Solo in himself

LOS ANGELES, Jan 16, (Agencies): Ever been told a movie is a heart-pounding thriller that’ll have you on the edge of your seat? Thanks to wearable technology, Hollywood has the tools to prove it. 20th Century Fox says that it used a wearable wristband on over 100 people in test …

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Hollywood rules French box office in 2015 – Best results in a decade

LOS ANGELES, Jan 2, (RTRS):  Propelled by “Star Wars: The Force Awakens,” “Minions” and “Jurassic World” — the same B.O. juggernauts that are pushing European box office to record (Germany) or standout (UK, Spain) 2015 results — Hollywood punched its best results this decade in France, with US movies taking …

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