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Don’t let demons mess with ‘the Gulf’

SINCE its inception in 1981, the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) has proven to be the most able Arab institution in terms of facing challenges; whether from outside when it encounters, and continues to encounter, attempts to weaken and divert it away from its course, or internally through the pessimist opinions …

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Kuwait to invite GCC leaders to Gulf Summit due in December

‘Meet to open glowing chapters in council’s march’ KUWAIT CITY, Oct 9: Kuwait, in the coming few days, will start sending delegates to other member states of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) to deliver letters to the Gulf leaders about the GCC summit which is due to be held in …

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‘No winner in crisis’ – ‘Wisdom key’

“The Arab political and economic affairs would have been good, so would the Arab media if management of Arab affairs was good”  — Mohammad bin Rashid Al-Maktoum. It’s been two months since the unfortunate Gulf crisis began and situation of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) started to deteriorate, and as …

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Washington’s slap to Egypt unfair, unwise

Egyptians saw a potential friend in the 2016 US presidential candidate Donald Trump. His win delivered hope that the frosty relationship between Cairo and Washington, triggered by the Obama administration’s support of the ousted Muslim Brotherhood regime, was poised to thaw. Barack Obama withheld aid to Egypt as a punitive …

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Major cenbanks finally nudge their stances; impact rates, FX – Risk factors remain in background

KUWAIT CITY, July 15: Midyear, things are proceeding more or less as expected back in January. Economic growth is holding up well in most economies. Politics are not much of an impediment, though risk factors remain in the background and may be rising. Brexit negotiations are still a question mark, …

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‘Nero politics’ burning Qatar

IT IS not possible to cover the Sun with a sieve. The Qatari leadership should understand this fact as it keeps on procrastinating and prolonging the crisis by depending on feeble arguments; such as, the demands made by four countries (Bahrain, Saudi Arabia, United Arab Emirates and Egypt) are considered …

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Qatar … your true friend is the sincere one

THERE are times when some people inflate their nationalistic ego to the point of seeing their country, despite its actual size, population and capabilities, as a major country. This was the prevailing norm in Kuwait prior to Aug 1990. Back then, we used to consider our country as a major …

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Kuwait players ready for Bahrain Junior GCC Open – IBAK organizes 10-day badminton coaching clinic

KUWAIT CITY, May 10: The Indian Badminton Association Kuwait (IBAK) a pioneer in badminton in Kuwait in association with the Kuwait Badminton Federation (KBF) has been working towards achieving their vision to promote badminton in Kuwait. Aligned with this a contingent of 31 players will be representing Kuwait in the …

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Gulf backbone of Arab Nation

IN truth, I cannot help thinking there is an architect with a plan to weaken Egypt and create distance between Egyptians and the peoples of the Arabian Gulf. I fear that this plot is working and, if we are not careful, will soon near completion. I can only speculate on …

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