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Tuesday , December 11 2018

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Filipinos back Duterte despite drug killings – ‘Drugs destroying the country’

MANILA, Philippines, Aug 27, (AP): On the day he was sworn into office, President Rodrigo Duterte went to a Manila slum and exhorted residents who knew any drug addicts to “go ahead and kill them yourself as getting their parents to do it would be too painful.” Two months later, …

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Duterte orders extremists crushed after beheading – Senator accused of taking drug money

MANILA, Aug 25, (Agencies): Abu Sayyaf extremists have beheaded a kidnapped Filipino villager after a ransom deadline lapsed in their first such brutal act under President Rodrigo Duterte, who pressed an order for troops to crush the militants. Regional military spokesman Maj Filemon Tan says the militants killed Patrick James …

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Philippine president threatens to quit UN

MANILA, Aug 21, (Agencies): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte railed against the United Nations on Sunday after it called for an end to the wave of killings unleashed by his war on drugs, saying he might leave the organisation and invite China and others to form a new one. Two UN …

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Duterte tells army to destroy militants

MANILA, Aug 11, (Agencies): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte on Wednesday ordered the army to destroy the small but violent Abu Sayyaf militant group saying if not, the Philippines risked being “contaminated” by Islamic State. The mostly Christian Philippines has for decades battled rebels from the Muslim minority but while progress …

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Duterte links judges, mayors to drugs

MANILA, Aug 7, (AFP): Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte, who is waging a bloody war on drug suspects, on Sunday publicly named over 160 judges, mayors, legislators, police and military men allegedly involved in narcotics and warned them to surrender. “Due process has nothing to do with my mouth (statements). There …

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Human toll as bodies pile up in drug war – 603 killed since Duterte’s May election

MANILA, Aug 4, (AFP): Men shot and left to bleed out on busy streets, mutilated corpses dumped in vacant lots. The bodies are piling up as President Rodrigo Duterte’s drug war brings terror to Filipino slums. Hundreds of people have died since Duterte won a landslide election in May, promising …

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All transactions under single roof appreciated by Filipinos

KUWAIT CITY, July 26: Overseas Filipino Workers in Kuwait joined other Filipinos across the globe on Monday in watching the first State of the Nation Address (SONA) of Philippine President Rodrigo Roa Duterte. The SONA that latest for almost two hours outline the promises he made during his election campaign, …

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Duterte blames US for Mideast violence – Crime war ‘out of control’: critics

MANILA, Philippines, July 9, (Agencies): The new Philippine president blamed US intervention for the bloody conflicts in Iraq and other Middle Eastern countries in his latest criticism of Manila’s closest security ally. President Rodrigo Duterte suggested in a speech Friday that intrusive policy was to blame for attacks on US …

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Duterte sworn in as president – New leader promises relentless fight against criminality

MANILA, June 30, (RTRS): Rodrigo Duterte was sworn in as the Philippines’ 16th president on Thursday, capping the unlikely journey of a provincial city mayor whose brash man-of-the-people style and pledges to crush crime swamped establishment rivals in last month’s election. After making his pledge at the presidential palace in …

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Police killings up as Duterte takes office – Law enforcement officers action stirs fear

MANILA, June 29, (Agencies): Two things catch the eye in the office of Joselito Esquivel, a police colonel enforcing a national crackdown on drugs in the Philippines’ most crime-ridden district: a pair of boxing gloves in a display cabinet and an M4 assault rifle lying beside him. “It’s all-out war,” …

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