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Tuesday , November 13 2018

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‘Suspend expat driving licences’ – Appeals acquits former MP Al-Duwailah in libel lawsuit

KUWAIT CITY, March 20: Lawyer Mohammad Al-Ansari, representing a group of Kuwait citizens, has filed an administrative case in which he urged concerned authorities to temporarily suspend the validity of all driving licenses of expatriates until Ministry of Interior takes measures to fix the traffic issue in Kuwait. Lawyer Al-Ansari …

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Renewal of driving license rejected

I got a driving license in Jan 2014 with Engineer designation. In 2015 I joined another company, unfortunately my new company changed my designation to supervisor. My license expired in January 2017. After I tried to renew it at the Muroor they told me I could not renew it. Now …

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License cancelled due to change in designation – Have to wait for 2 yrs to reapply

Initially I got my divining license in 21/9/2014 with the job title of driver but then I got a job in different company which changed my job title to sales manager with a salary of KD 1,000 on 22/12/2014. When I went to renew my license on 21/9/2015 they informed …

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Driving license withdrawn

I was on engineering visa for a previous company. I have changed my company while my designation on the work permit has been changed to foreman. My license is expiring in December 2016. When I went for renewal of the license, they said that a license had not been issued …

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Man charging KD 500 – KD 800 for helping get driving licences nabbed

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 23: An unidentified individual, who works as the mandoub (representative) and typist of a state institution, was arrested for forging documents particularly for changing designations in order to facilitate issuance of driving licenses for individuals, for which he received KD 500 – KD 800 from each individual. …

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Validity of all driving licenses issued after April 1, 2013 are tied to the validity of recipient’s residence

I am a regular reader of the Arab Times newspaper. Recently I came across an article published in the newspaper stating that all those who hold driving licenses issued after 2014 are necessarily required to renew their licenses irrespective of the validity and expiry date. However when I cross checked …

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‘Driving licences taken ‘fraudulently’ will be withdrawn’

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 18: A security source denied rumors which have been published on the social media that the General Traffic Department has stopped issuing and renewing driving licences of expatriates, reports Arab Times daily. The same source said the rumors are baseless. The source noted the Directorate-General of Traffic …

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Recheck ordered for Driving licences of Expats issued after 2014

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 13: According to instructions issued by the Acting Undersecretary for Traffic Affairs Major-General Fahd Al-Shuwe’a all driving licences for expatriates which were issued after 2014 must be renewed at the department that had issued them, reports Arab Time daily. The source explained this is done to help the …

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Acquiring new driving license criteria

I have a query on the eligibility criteria for applying for a driving license. My work permit states salary as KD 506 and my designation “accountant.” Am I eligible to apply for a driving license or does the salary need to be KD 600? Kindly guide please. Name withheld Answer: …

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Driving License transfer from Gulf countries to Kuwait

Can you please advise on the legality of driving license transfer from Oman to Kuwait as I am working as secretary with KD 250 salary. I have a valid GCC driving license from Oman issued in 2015. Name withheld Answer: As per Traffic Law Articles and Provisions, Executive Regulation No. …

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