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Sunday , November 18 2018

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Driving license for a Sales Representative

I need advise from you. My visa is renewed as Mandoop Mubiyath (sales representative) as I am into sales now. My salary is KD 350 in the iznamal. Can I get the driving license for this designation? Please advise. Name withheld Answer: No, you can not get a driving licence, …

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Changing of driving license from Driver to Safety officer

I am working as a safety officer in a company under KOC contract on driver designation – (work permit), because of my company requirements for the above mentioned position they made my licence with driver designation in April 2014, and I got 10 years validity licence up to 2024 when …

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Driving license for Asst. Accountant

First I would like to thank you for your valuable information for Arab Times readers. I am 16 months old in Kuwait, I am master degree holder and my salary is KD 450. Designation is Asst Accountant. Kindly let me know am I eligible for driving license. Name withheld Answer: …

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Driving license for housewife

I have the designation “Engineer” with KD 600+ base salary and holding a driving license. Is it possible to apply for a driving license for my wife? She is under my sponsorship, she already stayed for two years in Kuwait and holds a university degree. We will be also having …

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GTD launches ‘smart’ driving licence project – Saving time, effort for citizens

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 16: The Interior Ministry launched Tuesday the smart driving license project, through which licenses will be issued (renewed) in selfservice kiosks and stalls to be installed in different locations for citizens to save time and effort and exempt them from the requirement to personally appear in the …

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Driving license for diploma holder

I have an inquiry regarding driving licence. My current salary is KD 600 and my designation is salesman. I hold a technical diploma from a university. Can I get a driving licence? Name withheld Answer: According to Traffic Department regulations, in addition to meeting the salary requirement (which you meet), …

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Driving in Kuwait on temporary reisdence

Please advise, I have a valid Kuwaiti driving license, but my resident expired on June 9, 2017. Is it allowed or legal to drive in Kuwait with visa extension. Name withheld Answer: The validity of your license is tied to the validity of your residence and since your residence expired …

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Change in designation from teacher to accountant – Will my driving licence get cancelled?

I was working as teacher now going to change the profession to accountant. I have a driving licence. Will it get cancelled or not. I got the driving licence when I was working as a teacher. Name withheld Answer: No, your driving licence will not be cancelled because under the …

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Heavy duty driving license to light license

Thank you for all the great legal advices and guidance you are providing for the expats in Kuwait. I received my heavy-duty driving license in 2006 and which expire in 2017. My job title was driver. Now I have changed my job and joined United Nations (Article 17) as security …

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Applying for driving license for an IT professional

I am new in Kuwait and will be completing one year by next month, I have degree certificate all attested as per procedure and residency stamp as computer profession (I am an IT profession) salary in Eznamal also given KD 600. Can I apply for driving license next month? Or …

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