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Tuesday , November 20 2018

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Why married couples divorce easily?


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Youths shunning marriage ‘threat’ to Kuwaiti society

KUWAIT CITY, Sept 29: Several academicians have warned that the rising number of youths who do not want to get married has become a phenomenon which threatens the Kuwaiti society, disclosing the usual reason is the financial and material circumstances the youths are facing, reports Al-Shahid daily. Speaking to the …

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India bans ‘instant divorce’

India’s government on Wednesday approved an ordinance to implement a top court ruling striking down the Muslim practice that allows men to instantly divorce. The government decision came after it failed to get approval of Parliament a year after the court ruled that the practice of triple “talaq” violated the …

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Divorce rates in hot countries are higher compared to others

Over 40 reasons cited KUWAIT CITY, Sept 2: Professor of Psychology and Sociology at Kuwait University Dr Khader Al-Baroun indicated that divorce rates in hot countries are higher during the summer season compared to any other seasons because human beings are more nervous and most responsive to emotional effects during …

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‘High number of divorce cases needs serious actions to curb’

Lack of sufficient info among couples key reason: Qasha’an KUWAIT CITY, Aug 12: The number of divorce cases has increased in Kuwait, reaching about 5,000 cases per year, 29 percent of which occur during the first year of the relevant couples’ marriage, reports Al-Shahed daily quoting a number of academic …

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Divorced woman misuses rent contract – ‘Pay ex-husband KD 9,000’

KUWAIT CITY, July 29: The Court of Appeals ordered a Kuwaiti woman to pay rent worth KD 9,000 to her ex-husband since she continued staying in his rented apartment after their divorce without paying the monthly rents. Her ex-husband filed a lawsuit against her, demanding payment of the due rent. …

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Divorce and sponsorship of child

I have been offered a job in Kuwait, but my husband has applied for a divorce and the case is ongoing. I want to take my child along with me to Kuwait. What are the formalities and what if in child passport her father’s name is not mentioned? Will it …

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1.4 mln bachelors currently living in Kuwait; Kuwaitis 316,000: statistics

Married people 2.062m; divorcees total 86,000 KUWAIT CITY, April 29: As per official statistics, the number of people classified as non-married and currently living in Kuwait is about 1.4 million, including 316,000 Kuwaitis from both sexes, says Khaleej Times. Report added the number of male Kuwaiti bachelors is 170,000 and …

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Marriage annulled … ‘Go back to first husband’

KUWAIT CITY, March 17: In one of the strangest cases witnessed in Kuwaiti courts, a Kuwaiti man filed a lawsuit against his wife and another man accusing them of getting married in a manner that contravened the Constitution. The Court dissolved the second marriage which was considered deficient of conditions …

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Information needed

I wanted some information. I am not sure if I am contacting the right department. I am an Indian girl and got an alliance (Indian) who is working in Kuwait for the last few years and eligible for dependant visa according to him and he is working in a money …

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