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Wednesday , November 14 2018

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‘Metaphage 500’ declared safe for diabetics

KUWAIT CITY, May 3: Assistant Undersecretary for Drug and Food Control at the Ministry of Health Dr Abdullah Al-Bader said ‘Metaphage 500 mg’ which is given for diabetes patients is safe, reports Al-Jarida daily. Al-Bader explained the ministry had requested the manufacturer of this product to analyze test the pill …

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MoH asks not to distribute Metaphage tablets for diabetes patients

‘Clinics received complaints from diabetics’ KUWAIT CITY, May 1: The Ministry of Health (MoH) has asked the directors of all health zones not to distribute ‘Metaphage 500 mg’ tablets for the diabetes patients, reports Al-Rai daily. The ministry has asked the health zones to return this medicine to the Medical …

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Expats suffering from Cancer, Diabetes, High BP ..etc, will no longer be able to obtain residencies in Kuwait

KUWAIT CITY, March 10: The stepfeed.com quoting the Al-Watan e-newspaper said expatriates who suffer from cancer, diabetes, high blood pressure and several other diseases although not contagious will no longer be able to obtain residencies in Kuwait. This comes after Kuwait’s Ministry of Health is said to have released a …

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Early detection, management of diabetes key – Take control of your health

Diabetes is one of the leading causes of death in the world today. According to the World Health Organization, the number of people with diabetes has nearly quadrupled since 1980. While those diagnosed with the disease can live long with proper management, early detection and intervention is the starting point …

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Health advances in Gulf countries threatened by diabetes, drug use

SEATTLE, Aug 31: People in several Gulf nations countries are living longer than in 1990, but challenges like traffic accidents, back and neck pain, and diabetes could erode that progress, according to a new scientific study. Across the Eastern Mediterranean Region, improved health conditions and life expectancy over the past …

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15 pct of Kuwait’s population diabetics – Call to change lifestyle, engage in sports

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 11: Assistant Undersecretary for Private Medical Services Dr Muhammad Al-Khashti has warned that approximately 15 percent of Kuwait’s population suffers from diabetes, among them 5 percent are yet to be diagnosed and unaware of their status. In a speech at the launch of new record book for …

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‘About 40 new diabetes cases detected among kids annually’ – Nod to check on Iranian schools textbooks

KUWAIT CITY, June 12: Chairperson of Endocrine Gland Union, consultant at pediatric section of the Sabah Hospital Dr Zaydan Al-Mazidi affirmed that the rate of clients visiting the endocrine gland section has reduced by 75 percent since the start of the month of Ramadan compared to normal days. He attributed …

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‘Diabetic patients should increase water intake while breaking fast’ – Avoid dishes full of fat, sugar in Ramadan: Dr Qais

KUWAIT CITY, June 6: Director of Dasman Diabetes Institute Dr Qais Al-Duwairi affirmed that diabetic patients should increase water consumption while breaking the fast during Ramadan to compensate for fluid lost in the period of fasting, reports Al-Qabas daily. Dr Qais advised patients to break the fast by consuming sugary …

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Men suffering from ED on the rise

KUWAIT CITY, May 2: Urology Consultant, associate professor in the Faculty of Medicine, Kuwait University Dr Ahmed Al-Kandari was recently quoted as saying Erectile Dysfunction (ED) among men in Kuwait is on the rise, reports Al-Seyassah daily. Al-Kandari said 75 percent of the men at the age of 60 and …

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‘Eating habits’ make Kuwaitis prone to very high sugar intake

KUWAIT CITY, April 21: Ten out of 10 Kuwaitis are aware that excessive consumption of sugar is harmful to their health. Despite this, their eating habits make them prone to consuming significantly more than the daily added sugar permissible intake. This is based on the survey participated by 500 Kuwaitis …

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