Sunday , December 16 2018

Suspicious about visa trading

I came to Kuwait 3 months ago. I am on Visa No. 18. Now I have been offered a better job. My sponsor has already given me the transfer. Can I transfer my visa to a new company. I am a attested degree holder. My visa transferring if possible.? Please advise.

Name withheld

Answer: It sounds suspicious that your sponsor will give you a release after working for you for only three months even though under Kuwait Labour Law he has the right to keep you in his company for at least three years.

We hope you and your sponsor did not engage in visa trading and hence, the quick release. Indeed you and your sponsor might face some tough question in your bid to transfer your residence. The best option you and your sponsor should have resorted to was to have waited for at least one year before initiating the transfer process. Inspite of our reservations we wish you the best of luck.

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