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Supervision of ice cream carts falls under PAFN ‘jurisdiction’

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KUWAIT CITY, Aug 7: The director of the legal department in the Kuwait Municipality, Counselor Raja’an Al-Gharib, confirmed there is no decision to regulate the work of ice cream vendors, reports Al-Qabas daily. In a letter he addressed to the Director-General of the Municipality, Al-Gharib said, what was done during the coordination meeting held on July 2, 2022, headed by the Minister of State for Municipal Affairs and the membership of the concerned authorities to organize the work of ice cream vendors, resulted recommending the third item, looking for competence of the Kuwait Municipality to organize the work of ice cream carts, and providing a copy of the regulations and decisions regulating this work. Since the 1970s, ice cream carts had a special mandate that allowed them to sell ice cream at street corners, until this activity became a part of Kuwaiti heritage.

File Photo: Ice cream vendor selling ice cream to children and parents (KUNA)

He added all activities related to foodstuffs have been transferred from the Municipality to the Public Authority for Food and Nutrition (PAFN), in accordance with Law No. 112 of 2013 which established the authority, including the supervision of ice cream carts, and the issuance of related licenses, and the role of the municipality was limited to determining the places designated for these carts through the competent department, according to the statement of the Director of Roads Occupancy Department (Capital Governorate),

On the other hand, the Deputy Director-General for Urban Planning and Structural Affairs, Engr. Muhammad Al-Zoubi, said the Urban Planning Department is not a competent authority regarding locating or licensing ice cream vendors.