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Wednesday , February 8 2023

Suffering of cancer patients in Kuwait worsens due to the shortage of cancer drugs

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MoH adopts specific practical methodology to provide medicines

KUWAIT CITY, July 7: The Kuwait Society for the Defense of Public Funds said that the suffering of patients has worsened due to the shortage of cancer drugs and this requires the Ministry of Health and other concerned authorities to take urgent action. This came in comments to reports published by the Al-Qabas Arabic daily which has unearthed a major problem and the society added in a statement: “We confirm the news published by the daily in its issue of July 4, 2022, and the previous press reports regarding the continued suffering of patients due to lack of cancer drugs in the face of ‘inaction’ from the Ministry of Health.”

The society said this is the direct effect of what was pointed out by the Audit Bureau in its report about the debts owed by the government to medicine companies and its impact on the ability of these companies to provide medicines. It was also confirmed by the reports of the government performance follow-up agency of the necessity of automatic linking between drug stores and hospitals, which clearly shows that there is no effective plan from the Ministry to achieve a strategic stockpile of medicines, especially in light of the Corona crisis and the shortage of food and medicine supplies in the world

Accordingly, the society would like to express its categorical rejection of the approach taken by the ministry and noted that it should not neglect the observations of the supervisory bodies on issues that affect public money directly or indirectly in some contracts that were mentioned in the reports of the Audit Bureau, the result of which led to what patients suffer from — a significant shortage in medicines stock, stressing that planning is absent.

The society would like to emphasize the effectiveness of its monitoring teams and commend the role of the local press in addressing this issue and spreading it to the Kuwaiti street, noting that chronic disease medicines do not tolerate procrastination and supporting patients is an urgent necessity. Meanwhile, in response to what was published by Al-Qabas, about the shortage of cancer drugs and others, the Ministry of Health said it attaches the utmost importance to providing medicines, and for this purpose it adopts a specific methodology to overcome the challenges imposed by the repercussions of the Corona pandemic.

The daily said the ministry spoke of the consequent impact on global production operations, and the closure of some factories and apology offered by some companies due to sovereign decisions to prevent the export of some of these medicines by the countries that manufacture them, in addition to being affected by geopolitical events. In this regard, the Ministry clarified that the methodology that it adopted to overcome these challenges includes providing identical alternatives for each drug (in case the original drug is not available), as the alternative contains the same composition and active substance, concentration, quality and safety standards, stressing that all alternative medicines are available for any drug in which there is a global shortage in production or supply. The ministry indicated that among the most prominent axes of this methodology is also coordination with health offices abroad when there is a need to provide some medicines that cannot be provided through some local companies, and also that the ministry has paid special attention to working to speed up the documentary cycle. The Ministry of Health confirmed that health facilities are provided with their requirements of medicines according to their request and need, stressing that the strategic stock of various medicines and medical preparations is safe.

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