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Stringent security measures apprehend 14,000 ‘deportees’ trying to re-enter country

KUWAIT CITY, May 18: As the region passes heated up and turbulent situations, Kuwait has imposed stringent security measures at the air, sea and land ports to prevent the infiltration of any criminal elements, reports Al- Qabas daily.
According to the security sources, some suspicious elements are seeking to enter the country, under the current disturbing circumstances but the security authorities in the country to a large extent are ready and prepared to face any events. The sources revealed this is in addition to the fingerprint devices or the so-called ‘Detecting the undesirable’ persons which were installed in 2011 at the airport and land and sea ports and has so far been succeeding in identifying 14,000 people who tried to enter the country again with new passports, after acquiring fake documents and using unreal names.

The sources said the fingerprint devices has to a large extent proved big successes in detecting manipulators and those involved in counterfeiting, and thwarted their attempts to push into the country scores of people who had been arrested and deported.

According to the sources, the fingerprint device takes only 3 seconds to reveal the identity of any person who is coming or leaving, even if he/she carries a forged passport, indicating that this fingerprint device shows if the person was deported earlier or not, or his/her name is on the list of persons wanted by law, denied entry and/or is prohibited from traveling, or attempting to exit illegally.

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