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Sunday , September 19 2021

Stranded expats in transit countries run out of options

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 21: Stranded expats in transit countries who were on their way to Kuwait have landed between the devil and the deep blue sea, they cannot return to their country or come to Kuwait.  They are facing an increase in day to day expenses and also have to save money for institutional quarantine in Kuwait.

Sources stated that more than 3,000 expats have been stranded in UAE alone who were on their way back to Kuwait, some of them had extended their stay for the last two months after successive decisions by Kuwait authorities on entry of expats to Kuwait.

Many of their visas have expired but the authorities in Dubai from a humanitarian point of view have extended their visas till March 31st. But those who entered through Sharjah had to bear the cost of renewing their visas waiting in anticipation for Kuwait to open its airports for expats.

Some of the expats who are in transit countries have already changed their minds in returning back to Kuwait due to constant change and suspension of entry of expats, reports Al Rai. Stranded expats have been preparing to return back to their own countries hoping  to return back in near future.

Some expats were pleased with the DGCA circulars about booking institutional quarantine, paying for PCR test but suspension of entry until further notice was shocking as they would not be able to recover the money that they had paid over the platform for quarantine and pcr tests. They are now between the hammer and the anvil facing daily expenses in transit country and hoping to return back to Kuwait. 

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