Wednesday , August 15 2018

‘Stormers’ case with top judge – Petitions on hold

KUWAIT CITY, Jan 31: The office of the Special Public Prosecutor recently completed its legal opinion concerning the case famously known as “storming of the parliament”, and referred it to the Head of the Court of Cassation Judge Ahmad Al-Ajeel who will set up a date for consultations on the appeal and requests made by the defense to suspend the verdict issued in this regard. According to informed sources, the prosecution has settled on nullifying the verdict of the Court of Appeals based on the fact that the defense was unable to legally argue the case at the court.

The registrar office of the Court of Cassation Sunday stopped receiving petitions in this regard due to end of the legal period for submitting petitions. It has set next Sunday for receiving requests for suspension of the verdict. The Public Prosecution has submitted two petitions, while petitions were submitted on behalf of many of the defendants through their lawyers. In their petitions, the defendants had faulted the presence of security forces and armored personnel near the parliament building, which was in violation of the Constitution of Kuwait.

They also faulted the report issued by the Public Prosecution which claimed that the National Assembly building is a building in the hands of the state, and demanded nullification of the supplementary accusation report and the appealed verdict which acquitted them. On the other hand, the Public Prosecution had requested tougher punishments to be imposed on those involved in the storming of the country’s National Assembly building in 2011.

The defendants include current and former MPs and dozens of their supporters. The Court of Appeals had sentenced 28 defendants to five-year imprisonment with hard labor for “using force and inciting unrest”. The court issued jail terms ranging from six months to three years with hard labor to 23 others “for their violent and criminal actions.” It also issued twoyear jail terms with hard labor against 49 other defendants for “inciting the police to revolt”. Five others who were accused of “mobbing and assaulting police officers” were sentenced to two-year imprisonment and ten defendants were sentenced to oneyear jail terms.

‘Morally damaged’: Attorney Elaf Al- Saleh has filed a lawsuit to demand for temporary compensation of KD 5,001 from a divorcee and her mother who accused her client of molesting his own daughter. Al-Saleh affirmed she will protect her client’s right as this blatant false allegation offended and harmed him morally when news on the alleged molestation spread. She stressed the abhorrant course taken by the divorcee and her mother should be fiercely and decisively contested in court to serve as deterrent for those contemplating on defaming anyone.

By Jaber Al-Hamoud Al-Seyassah Staff

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