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Step closer to end services of govt sector expats reaching 50 – CSC demands lists of workers by March 1

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 1: The Civil Service Commission (CSC) issued a circular to all ministries and other governmental bodies to submit on March 1, 2016 the list of expatriate workers with their ages and to end the service of those who have reached the age of 50, reports Al- Nahar daily quoting sources.

Sources clarified the above mentioned date was set in view of the budget for the coming fiscal year, during which a number of remarkable changes are expected due to the decision to limit expenditures and stop the wastage of public funds.

Sources affirmed the decision to end the services of expatriates who reached the age of 50 will be compulsory for all governmental bodies and ministries. Sources said the Ministers Council will be informed in case a ministry or governmental body does not implement the decision, which is in accordance with the general policy of the State.

Sources added there will be regulations for those in the judicial, educational and medical professions, indicating a committee will be formed to lay down the mechanism for ending the service of expatriate employees who reached the age of 50. Sources stressed the decision is applicable to all nationalities, focusing on those whose positions can be occupied by Kuwaitis on the employment waiting list.

Meanwhile, Deputy Head of General Department for Weapons Investigations Colonel Waleed Al- Shihab submitted a proposal to the leaders of Ministry of Interior for suspending transactions of those who did not renew the licenses of their weapons, reports Al-Rai daily quoting a high-level security source.

He said the proposal was submitted to ensure commitment to the law and limit the number of unlicensed weapons and ammunition in the country especially since the General Department for Weapons Investigations earlier launched a campaign for confiscating unlicensed weapons following the end of the grace period for voluntary submission of such weapons.

The source revealed that the proposal has been approved and will come into effect within a few days, adding that it will necessitate coordination between the General Department for Weapons Investigations and various relevant departments. In another development, Head of Parliament’s Financial Committee Faisal Al-Shaya says the agencies law has been completed and referred to the Parliament, adding that they discussed the law with the government, reports Aljarida daily.

Regarding the committee meetings to be held with the Supreme Planning Council next Wednesday and with Acting Minister of Oil Anas Al-Saleh next Sunday, Al- Shaya revealed that both meetings are aimed for listening to suggestions, obtaining details of the studies carried out by the government about the economical situation and discussing about the agreement between the council and the government. He added that the meeting is a prelude to the government’s activity on February 9, 2016.

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