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Friday , January 24 2020

Stamping of residence renewal period & staying outside Kuwait for more then 6 months

Residency (dependent visa) of my wife and child is valid till Jan 13, 2020. I am planning to send my wife and daughter end of July, as my wife goes for second baby delivery. And after delivery, she and my child will be back to Kuwait on April 2020.

In this situation, I request you to clarify my following queries.

1) Can I renew the residency of my wife and daughter 6 months before its expiry (it expires on Jan 13, 2020 and I need to renew after July 13, 2019 before they travel). Please note that, I am the sponsor and my residency expires on December 2020.

2) My wife will be out of Kuwait for more than 6 months. Can I get permission for my wife and daughter to stay out of the country for more than 6 months? Please clarify my above queries.

Name withheld

Answer: Yes, you can renew the residency of your wife and child six months before expiry according to a decision issued on July 17, 2017. There are situations under which residents can be given permission to stay outside Kuwait for more than six months but unfortunately, we don’t think your wife and child qualify to be granted such a dispensation.

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