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Sri Lankan maid rescued from torture chamber

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Female Kuwait sponsor arrestedUnder-aged sons booked on juvenile felony

KUWAIT CITY, Aug 18: A female Kuwaiti citizen in 40’s was detained for torturing an elderly Sri Lankan maid by burning various parts of her body. Her three underage sons were also involved in this act.

Burnt mark on Sri Lankan maids neck (inset) signs of torture using fire on shoulder

The Ministry of Interior dealt with this case in a very decisive manner when a security force from Farwaniya came and freed the Sri Lankan migrant woman and handed her over to her country’s embassy to complete legal procedures and submit her forensics report where serve injuries and burnt marks were visible on various parts of her body.

According to an informed source, a maid sought help from the embassy of her country and informed them that she was being tortured and detained by her sponsor, who resides in Farwaniya governorate. The Sri Lankan embassy notified the Ministry of Interior and informed them of the content of the report and the distress call they had received.

The Sri Lankan maid had asked her sponsor that she wished to return back to Sri Lanka permanently due to her old age. She was refused and tortured. The security men saw the burns inflicted on her, she was taken to the police station and a case was recorded for deliberate torturing the victim with fire causing severe harm reports Al Anba. The victim in her statement said that sponsors 3 sons use to hold her and the her female sponsor use to heat various items and burn her shoulders, chest and various parts of her body. 3 under aged sons were released after case of juvenile felony was registered against them.

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