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Wednesday , March 27 2019

Speaker touts path of constitutional democracy – Kuwait seeks to lift its int’l rating in combating intellectual crimes

KUWAIT CITY, Nov 10, (KUNA): The era of the constitution in Kuwait is no longer a transitory national experience but a complete way of life, said National Assembly Speaker Marzouq Al-Ghanim on Tuesday.

Year after year Kuwaitis have stuck to the sanctity of the nation’s constitution, seeing in it a foundation for their contemporary society, set with care and dedication by the earlier founders of the nation, said the Speaker, in a press statement commemorating the 53rd year of the inception of the constitution.

He waxed poetic about the constitutional life in Kuwait, noting that Kuwaitis have the foresight and wisdom to deal with any constitutional irregularity in a prim and proper manner and strictly to “the rules of the constitutional game.” He paid tribute in his press statement to the founders of the constitution and all previous members of former parliaments, politicians, opinion-column writers, and intellectuals who shared, each in their field of expertise, in the process of safeguarding the constitution of 1962 and consequently democracy itself.

Furthermore, he called on today’s youthful generation to emulate the generation of the founders of the constitution who showed adeptness at using the tools of democracy, including knowing how to differ graciously with those of opposing views.

The Ministry of Commerce and Industry is seeking to lift Kuwait’s international rating in combating intellectual rights’ crimes through bolstering cooperation with various states and specialized organizations, a ministry official said on Tuesday.

Sheikh Nimer Al-Sabah, the assistant undersecretary for international organizations’ affairs and external trade, said in a statement a recent meeting that grouped Kuwaiti officials with specialists from the Arab states regional bureau of the Committee on Development and Intellectual Property (CDIP) discussed “inauguration of the second phase for overhauling the intellectual property sector in the State of Kuwait.”

The meeting which involved officials from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry tackled technical aid that could be provided by the World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) to the member states. WIPO has recently set up a data base for the trademarks bureau, the patents and industrial samples at the ministry, he said, indicating that the organization is ready to take follow-up steps to overhaul the trade sector in tune with Kuwait’s international obligations. Kuwait was among the first Arab states that had joined the WIPO. It officially signed the WIPO treaty in April 1998. Since then, it has adopted a series of international accords in the same sector.

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