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Souad plays daughter of a well-known captain in ‘Muhammad Ali Roud’ series

Basma not convinced of ‘absolute heroism’

Souad Suleiman and Basma Hamadeh

KUWAIT CITY, Feb 24: Although very simple in character, she is the daughter of a well-known captain called Shihab, reports Al-Rai daily.

These are the features of the new character of the artiste Souad Suleiman in the series ‘Muhammad Ali Roud’, written by Mohammed Anwar Mohamed and directed by Manaf Abdel.

The work includes a large group of Kuwaiti drama artistes such as Saad Al Faraj, along with Mohammed Al Mansour, Jassim Al Nabhan, Haifa Adel, Asmahan Tawfiq, Khaled Amin, Fatima Al Hosani, and many others.

The events of the series take place in the 1940s, when many of the social and interrelated issues of that time as happened between the Mohammed Ali Street in Mumbai and Kuwait.

Meanwhile, artist Basma Hamadeh says she is not convinced about what some call absolute heroism, and told the Al-Anba daily, “Art is a collective work, and throughout my work in the artistic community and for more than 30 years I have not seen any artwork being immortalized in the minds of the audience or becoming part of our heritage in the context of work quality, the interconnectedness of its technical elements, and the mastery of its workers, reports Al-Anba daily.

She went on to say the artistic works are collective works that depend on the integration and unity of these elements together.

It is illogical to be based on one item or a specific person. “When I presented the series ‘I or not’ and ‘legal Love’ (Al-Hob Al-Halal) and other works, some considered it unique and attributed it for me, but it was a collective work involving everyone,” she added. Furthermore, it is worth mentioning, the mother of the series is ‘Haya and her daughters’, which is scheduled to be shown after the Ramadan season, directed by Khaled Radi Al-Fadhli, written by Mohammed Al-Rabian, and starring Ahlam Hassan, Hind Al- Balushi, Samoud, Iman Faisal, Khaled Al-Sarraf.

In the meantime, many social issues were the basis of the “stand-up comedy” presented by the “Comedy Talent” club led by Abdullah Al-Hashash, with the participation of the American Chris Baker and Abu Ja’afar, and Jordanian Waseem Kanaan, reports Al-Seyassah daily. This is addition to members of the “Al-Qas” team Muhammad Akwa and Mohammed Al-Kazemi, in a fierce comic war.

The bottom line between the two groups was the audience’s laughter, and it was judged by Sheikh Duaij Al- Khalifa at the Sharq Association, in the presence of a large number of audiences and media. Al-Hashash stated: “We focus on presenting laughter shows and celebrations in which a number of talented young people compete to present it to the public to draw roars of laughter from him.

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